The birth of a black baby boy is eulogized across the family and he is given an exceptional name. Black families adorn their newborn with unique and remarkable names. The emergence of a new member is celebrated in the family.

A newborn is always embraced by all the family members, his birth is considered a miracle of God. The parents feel, they are highly blessed people, and that they can’t thank God enough for this especial blessing. The gratification running deep in family’s life is justified.

With all the happiness and thanksgiving, comes a bundle of responsibilities. Among all other responsibilities, the responsibility of naming the baby boy is at the rim. 

16 Handpicked Black Boy Names

Parents are supposed to give their blessings to the kid in the guise of an apt name; a name that matches the potential personality of the kid or his endeavors. Following are some names that are suggested for black baby boys:

Adric (The best ruler)

This is possibly the most blessed name for a black baby boy. If parents expect their child to make a difference in the world then this is the best name for him. With this name, your boy could have a strong personality. He could bear a lot of leadership qualities.

If you wish him to be one of the highest authorities in any field, then let him embrace this very name.​

Adisa (Clear-spoken person)

If you want your child to have praiseworthy language skills then name him as Adisa. It is an African name, so to say. Any Black parents wanting their baby boy to be articulate would certainly opt for this name. He is predicted to possess out of the blue language skills.

Adwin (Great artist)

If you have a penchant for art and music and theatre, then this could be the best name for the boy you newly welcomed into this family. It is a name that has very exceptional meaning hidden in it. If you wish your baby boy to make a repute in the field of art, you could give him this name.

This name is not biased towards one gender. It is a unisex name suitable also for black girls.

Ade (Crown)

If you want your baby to have a name that indicates of royalty, then be it. Make your boy feel like a prince, give him this name which originally refers to a crown. Allow him to have name with unique pronunciation, let him have a name of pride.

This name originated in Nigeria; if you want him to have a name of Nigerian descent then let it be.​

Abioye (The son of royalty)

Another name on the list indicating royal people -- or people who resemble them. Obviously, you are not going to have an actual royal as your son, but it is just a name carrying impression of a kind. If you want him to have some of the royal traits, please go with this name and do not look around for any name else.

This name originated in Abiola.

Abeer (Fragrance)

This is an ensemble name for any black boy. The meaning means fragrance or pleasant smell. If we dig deep into the philosophy behind, it indicates of something/someone which spreads far and wide to add goodness to others life.

If you want your kid to be a joy for any and every person around him in the future, then do not let go of this name. Make it a choice.​

Bayo (To find joy)

This name is another symbol for joy and contentment; somewhat similar to the name above. If you want your baby to be called a joy of your life which he already is, then do not shy away from officially pronouncing him as a joy.

Such is the best name for happy kids, kids who are not at all pessimists; kids who spend most of their time joyfully and optimistically.

Barack (Blessed)

This is for those who want to name their child after America’s first black president. It is indeed a blessing that you are going to bestow upon him and his life. If you want to see him blessed in all aspects of life, then do not refrain from naming as Barack.

The name poses serenity coming from the divine. Your child got a chance to live a life and experience this world then indeed he is blessed like we all are. That’s the basic of life.

Bokamoso (Future)

If you want your child to be forward-looking and concerned about future goals, you should name him Bokamoso. This name is best suited for those black boys who are aimed to strive for a better future.

This name could be appropriate because the baby could be future-centric under the influence of his name.

Camar (He who is a teacher)

If you feel to have a child blessed with exceptional mentoring and teaching skills then let him adopt this name for life. Names beginning with ‘C’ are rare, therefore, it is going to sound outstanding. When you say he is expected to be a good teacher, it is not something figurative.

You can imagine him as a person able to give lessons of life to people at different stages.

Duka (Detailed and determined person)

If you desire for your child to grow into a fully determined person with a keen observance then gift him this name. Having this name your child could embody a diligent personality.

He could have many sides and phases of his. He should not be expected to have a monotonous persona. He might be a diverse person with a variation of attributes.

Diello (Bold and powerful person)

If you want your child to be as strong as a wind, if you want him to be gallant guy, name him as Diello.

He is going to pursue all bold ambitions. Your Diello would not be a lightweight. He would rule his own world. He would live on his own conditions. He is not likely to be underestimated throughout his entire life.

Enzekohle (Expected to do great things)

Now this name happens to be a unisex name; suitable for both girls and boys. You can name your baby boy as Enzekohle if you want him to think big in life.

Your boy could come up to all expectations of yours as per what the name indicates. The pronunciation of this name is really sweet.

Lubanzi (Deep/wide/broad)

This seems to be an ambiguous name with more than one meanings. Though all meanings are closely connected. If you name your son as Lubanzi, you are referring to him as someone with an in-depth nature.

He is likely to have a sensitive nature under this set of traits. You are blessing him to be intense to a great depth.

Melokuhle (Standing for what is right)

It is a unisex name suitable for both genders. Black parents who want to see their child doing revolutionary things should give him this name. It means someone who does all right things for the betterment of this world.

Not necessary that brings revolution into society or politics, he could or could not be doing politics in future. Up to him. He could be a highly principled human leading an ordinary life. One thing is sure to happen, he would stand against all wrongdoers.

Siyabonga (Thankful/Grateful)

This name for black boys is most apt in case the parents are looking for a happy-go-lucky kind of your child. If you, as parents, wish your baba to have a positive thinking and optimistic outlook throughout life, then do prefer this name. The child may have a calm and confident personality with no frenzy at all.

Final Words

It is not recommended to fully rely on the name for your child’s fortune and life goals. In reality, it has very little to do with your child’s life. Names do have an impact but that impact is not huge. It is believed that names influence the personality of the person, though it is not going to decide his grades, his career, his love life, and so on. 

Therefore, you are recommended to not connect it with the possibilities of life. Life cannot be determined solely via a name.

 Some black boy names are very popular these days, you need to be careful that the name you have chosen should not be the name of every fourth black boy you see in town. You need not to choose an outstandingly common name.

 While choosing a name, be careful that it is not difficult to pronounce. Your child may face difficulties in early years, it could be difficult for his teachers, his classmates and all other acquaintances. Try to give your newborn an easy name with healthy meaning.

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