In case you recently became a mom and are now breastfeeding, then you will be aware of the challenges apart from the excitements in the process. A nursing pillow might be just what you need to make the experience a lot more comfortable.

I would suggest that every new mom considers a few things that could make her life a bit more comfortable as she enters the amazing world of breastfeeding. Apart from the different tricks and tips available, you should consider getting a nursing pillow.

There are plenty of products available in this market. We recommend that you review the different options available and decide which suits you best. In order for things not to get hectic, we have narrowed down the list to a few best choices that are top rated and gather the optimum feedback from consumers. Read on to know all about a nursing pillow and which the top ones to choose from are.

What is a Nursing/Feeding Pillow?

A nursing pillow is which is designed specifically for breastfeeding purposes. It will accommodate for a seating place for the baby, making it feel relaxed while it can also help the nursing mom feel more comfortable and help elevate the baby’s head to a desired height without much difficulty.

In particular if you have had a C-section, this pillow is a great solution to help you get through the first few weeks following labor.

Usually, a feeding or nursing pillow will come in a C-shape or U-shape, to fit around your waist and support the back, neck, spine and arms. It also helps alleviate the pain from holding the baby for a prolonged period.

They are great if you are bottle feeding as well while they can also be used for resting the baby in a safe surface or practice sitting up as the baby gets older.

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How to Use a Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow is without doubt the best decision to help you go through the amazing yet often challenging times of breastfeeding your new–born. As a new mom, you might want to know the optimum ways to use it in the best possible way. See the figure below for advice:


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Factors to Consider Before Buying

Finding the right nursing pillows for you is not as easy as you may think. With the array of products in the market promising to deliver big, there is a need to be considerate of different factors which may affect your choice.

Have a look below to be better informed on the factors which count the most when deciding which the best.


The best nursing pillow should fit your waist perfectly and not allow for any slip over. So it is best to try the potential pillow before ordering even online, so that you make sure it fits your body in the best possible way.
Shape and firmness
While this is also a very personal choice dependent on taste, body type and the feeding position, there are some popular shapes with the most common being the “C”-shape. However, the best pillow will be the one that feels great for you and this means it varies for each new mom in terms of size, shape and firmness level. Just make sure the baby’s neck is upright when feeding and that the pillow is firm enough to hold the baby in place.
You definitely want a pillow that you can clean easily as feeding time can get messy due to reflux, leaky nipples or bottles. Everyday use means you want a removable and machine washable pillow.
Decide if you need a nursing pillow with a waist strap, a latch, eco-friendly materials and space for a bottle or anything else that pops in mind. If you are a first-time mom you can review relevant information online and make a list with a few key features you want to see in your pillow.
Price is always relevant and given the many expenses when a new-born comes, you should always be considerate of this factor. Thankfully, there are plenty of good options at a reasonable value for money which can still deliver big, just make sure you know what you want before embarking to the stores (online or retail ones).
If you are sensitive about colors and patterns, since you took plenty of time preparing the nursing room, then obviously you will want the nursing pillow to match these choices as it will be featured in a somewhat prominent place. Fortunately, manufacturers are aware of this concern and offer plenty of patterns and fabrics to choose from, so take your time to decide the one you like the most.

Top 6 Best Nursing Pillows of 2019

On Sale
My Brest Friend Original Nursing Pillow
2,653 Reviews
My Brest Friend Original Nursing Pillow

  • CertiPUR-US approved foam
  • 100% cotton
  • Supportive backrest
  • No problem for plus-size moms

Leachco Cuddle-U Basic Nursing Pillow
932 Reviews
Leachco Cuddle-U Basic Nursing Pillow

  • Affordable price
  • A seat wrap
  • Bigger size for older babies

My Brest Friend Inflatable Travel Nursing Pillow
433 Reviews
My Brest Friend Inflatable Travel Nursing Pillow

  • Easily inflatable
  • Ideal for travel
  • Lightweight

Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner
303 Reviews
Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner

  • 100% Polyester
  • Long history
  • Supportive enough
  • Not ideal for plus size women

Leachco Natural Boost – Adjustable Nursing Pillow
188 Reviews
Leachco Natural Boost – Adjustable Nursing Pillow

  • Perfect for reflux
  • Two separatable parts
  • Optimum reclining angle

Comfortable Bamboo Nursing Pillow
226 Reviews
Comfortable Bamboo Nursing Pillow

  • 19 inches thick
  • hypoallergenic and dust mites resistant
  • 40% bamboo / 60% polyester cover


My Brest Friend Original Nursing Pillow



The My Brest Friend Original Nursing Pillow is probably the leader in this category as it is designed to deliver exceptional breastfeeding support.

The Product

This is a highly recommended product despite the fact that it is only meant for breastfeeding purposes, it simply does so well at it that it wins over other competitors with more versatile features.

The My Breast Friend Original Nursing Pillow wraps around you with a back support cushion that prevents it from moving out of space and also helps the mother maintain a good posture. We really love the cool front pocket to hold your water bottle, nipple cream or anything else you may want to use during breastfeeding.


Since the My Breast has a surface that is firmer than the Boppy (listed 4th in this list), which is another perfect nursing pillow, it excels at leaving the baby well supported. The way it clips around the body ensures it stays in place no matter the nursing position chosen.


Among the things mentioned when it comes to this product is how it might be challenging to strap the pillow when your baby is hungry, whereas the cover is perhaps difficult to unzip and wash however it is washable which is great, while the foam pillow is not washable. The cover comes in 18 unique designs which however seem to fade according to some consumers.

Some other users report that the product may not fit oversized moms and babies which are older or larger.

All things considered, the My Breast comes first in consumers’ preferences as well as our own when it comes to just nursing.

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  • Wrap-around design secures the pillow in place
  • Firm surface which ensures the baby is stable
  • Back rest is great to maintain good posture
  • Convenient front pocket for water bottles, or anything else required
  • Arm and elbow rests to minimize shoulder stress
  • Maybe cannot fit overweight moms
  • Cover cannot be easily removed and washed
  • Colors seem to fade after a while
  • May not be perfect for older/larger babies
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Leachco Cuddle-U Basic Nursing Pillow



The Leachco Cuddle-U Basic is a nursing pillow that is a favourable option for many new moms at a very affordable price.

The Product

The Leachco Cuddle-U Basic is carefully designed with a seat wrap to keep the baby stable and even comes in a larger size to cater for when the baby continues to grow.

Due to the seat wrap the baby can rest during feeding as it gets older since it is a quite comfortable and safe pillow. It is also good for the baby to try and practice sitting up as time goes by.

In this sense, the Leachco Cuddle-U Basic is more versatile than the My Breast mentioned earlier.

[wpsm_box type=”red” float=”none” text_align=”left”] Nevertheless, many consumers do not prefer this product as the cover is not removable and therefore the pillow cannot be machine-washed. Other consumers report that the pillow is not as resilient and tends to rip at the seams. Certain complaints also relate to the size of the pillow, as they claim it is too thick for newborns.[/wpsm_box]


  • Seat wrap helps the baby stay in place
  • Can be used also for tummy time and practising sitting up as the baby gets older
  • Features a bigger size so it can accommodate an older baby
  • Quite affordable
  • Cover is not removable and hence not washable nor it is as resilient
  • Perhaps does not work well for newborns due to its size and thicker
  • Some consumers complain that the pillow does not hold up as well
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My Brest Friend Inflatable Travel Nursing Pillow



It comes with an array exceptional qualities as it is the travel version of the original well-accepted one listed first here.

The Product

It costs less than the original My Brest nursing pillow yet it comes with an extra soft baby-plush fabric slipcover.

The cover is resilient and lasts several washes. This deluxe version features the favourable wrap-around design while the Velcro strap attached is convenient as you can buckle the pillow even with one hand only.

This means the secures on the mom’s body while the back and shoulder support helps her maintain the best posture.

Similar to the original, the deluxe version of the My Brest has a firm surface and thus ensures the baby stays in place and comfortable during nursing hours.

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Although it may be somewhat difficult to remove, the cover is washable and you can put it back on.

Due to its wrap-around design this pillow like the original one, may not be the best fit for a plus-size mom.

Overall, the My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow is great as an improvement of the original version.

  • Wrap-around design secures the pillow in place
  • Firm surface which ensures the baby is stable
  • Back rest is great to maintain good posture
  • Convenient front pocket for water bottles, or anything else required
  • Arm and elbow rests to minimize shoulder stress
  • Double Velcro strap and silent buckle
  • Extra soft baby plush fabric for the slipcover which doesn’t fade
  • Cover is resilient following extensive use
  • Maybe cannot fit overweight moms
  • Cover cannot be easily removed and washed
  • May not be perfect for older/larger babies
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Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner




This product is a very likable pillow probably the most commonly used with years of experience in offering quality results.

The Product

The Boppy is one of those nursing pillows with a long history. Design-wise it looks like a horseshoe, and you can place it around your waist when sitting. The baby can lay on it at a good distance from your breast.

Nowadays the Boppy comes in a variety of colors and cool patterns, whereas the cover is removable and machine washable.

Although simple in its concept and without a latch, the Boppy does really an amazing job as it succeeds to cushion and be supportive enough of the baby and yourself during breastfeeding.

It could be that the Boppy is not ideal for plus size women as it might not fit perfectly around their waist despite having a “stretch panel” with it to fit any size. Other than that, it is quite easy to use.

If you want, as the name implies, the Boppy can be used as a Positioner since it could be a sitting place for your baby, so you can place the baby during tummy time and gradually as it learns to sit up on its own.

The Boppy is quite affordable as long as you remember that the “Bare Naked” version has no cover. There are many different Slipcovers you can choose and add on your pillow for an extra cost. There have been a few complaints that the stitching falls apart following a few months of use, and that the pillow tends to flatten after extensive use. In some cases, consumers feel it slips down their waist.

Still, all things considered this is a solid product with overall positive feedback from consumers and comes with 1-year warranty from a very reputable company.

  • The middle “stretch panel” fits most waists
  • Cool designs and patterns for a Slipcover
  • 1 year warranty
  • Removable and machine washable cover (when bought together)
  • Can be used also as a positioner for tummy time and practising sitting up
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • May not fit overweight moms
  • The stitching wears off following a few uses
  • Some complaints that it slips off the waist
  • A few users complain that the pillow flattens as time goes by
  • The cover is sold separately if you get the “Bare Naked” version
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Leachco Natural Boost – Adjustable Nursing Pillow




The Leachco Natural Boost – Adjustable Nursing Pillow comes as a great addition in this category as it can provide great support and convenience during feeding times.

The Product

This product is perfect for all newborns but does exceptionally well if your baby has some special needs like reflux.

The adjustable booster is convenient as it allows to lift the baby and recline it in the optimum angle for great support and comfort. When elevated, it facilitates digestions and can keep the baby’s head cool and dry during the feeding.

This is without doubt a firm surface and quite safe for the baby so you don’t have to worry about the baby being supportive enough. Still, some consumers complain that it lifts the baby a bit too high, and especially this is an issue if the mom has a short torso.


The product doesn’t come with a latch, so it seems that the pillow tends to slip and slide off although this has been only reported a few times.

Importantly, the biggest downside is probably that it doesn’t include a cover and you cannot machine-wash it. So, any stains left should be cleaned on the spot.

Overall, this is a good choice for a product made in the USA and we recommend it particularly for its special design on problems like reflux.


  • Adjustable booster pillow to elevate the baby and deal with reflux
  • Elevation is adequate to keep the baby’s head cool and dry while it nurtures for better digestion
  • Good budget option
  • Not machine washable
  • Some complaints that the pillow slips off the waist as it has no latch
  • Has no cover
  • Perhaps lifts the baby a bit too high so it is not ideal for moms with a short torso
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Comfortable Bamboo Nursing Pillow



The Comfortable Bamboo Nursing Pillow for Mom and Baby is an eco-friendly “C” shaped solution which will cater for your breastfeeding needs quite easily. 

The Product

We particularly fancy eco-friendly materials and especially when it comes to pregnant women or new moms with babies, this comes as a great advantage.

In this sense, we totally recommend the Comfortable Bamboo Nursing Pillow as it features a blend of breathable bamboo and polyester cover which proves great since you tend to overheat when directly exposed to the baby’s body.

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The inclusion of the bamboo in the cover is great if you suffer from allergies as the bamboo is hypoallergenic and dust mites resistant. The soft polyester filling is comforting and helps your baby fall asleep faster than usual.

At 19 inches thick this pillow is perfect as it is conveniently almost at the same level as your nipples.

You will be happy to hear that it is possible to use this pillow for a number of tasks, apart from breastfeeding, as it is good for bottle feeding and propping as well.

Overall, this product is a decent choice and we absolutely recommend it although you should keep in mind that some consumers report that the pillow is too soft and doesn’t keep its shape as much.


  • Multipurpose – Good for Breastfeeding, Bottle Feeding, and Propping
  • Great eco-friendly combination of bamboo and polyester
  • Breathable cover that prevents heat retention and is hypoallergenic
  • Comfortable
  • Smooth pillow case
  • There have been complains that the pillow is not firm enough and doesn’t keep its shape
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Final Verdict

Hopefully, the above list will offer the sort of support and comfort you need to make breastfeeding a lot easier.

Although you may think that nursing pillows are a luxury, we would suggest that you think again as a good nursing pillow will become the best companion during breastfeeding and not only.

In some cases, it can have a versatile design and is appropriate not only for breastfeeding, but also for tummy time and bottle feeding, as well as resting the baby and let it practice sitting up.

All things considered, we recommend using a nursing pillow during lactation times and if you are looking for the very best, then we suggest reviewing the recommendations in this list. In this way, you are going to get only the very best nursing pillows in the market.

Whichever choice you make, it should be one that makes both you and the baby feel comfortable. So, choose wisely and…enjoy the process.

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