You’ve been invited to a baby shower! These events are really fun and so special for family and friends. There are a lot of traditions associated with baby showers, but most of us don’t attend these events regularly, so you may be wondering – what do I wear?

First, some questions to ask, if the details are not specified on your invitation. Baby showers are often considered less formal events, so it’s normal to be invited through a phone call or handwritten note.

  • Where will the event be held? Indoors or outdoors?
  • Will it be held during the day, or in the evening?
  • Is there a theme, or color, or dress code?
  • If there’s no dress code, check in with friends to find out what they’re wearing. This will help avoid being over- or underdressed.

Outdoor Baby Showers

In the spring or summer, your host might hold the event in a park or backyard. This will be a more casual setting. Remember, whenever you’re attending an outdoor event, avoid stiletto heels; they’ll sink into the grass. Choose flats, wedges or (very) chunky heels instead.

  • Wear layers. Outdoor weather can change suddenly, with a hot, sunny day turning cloudy and cool, or vice versa. It’s wise to pair your outfit with a sweater or cardigan, just in case.
  • Baby showers are less formal than other events, so choose outfits with pops of color, feminine silhouettes, or fun prints.
  • If the event is outdoors and in the evening, consider jeans or dress pants with a long-sleeve blouse or sweater; this will help if it gets cool, and will also keep away mosquitoes.

Outdoor Baby Showers

 This red skater skirt and blouse-sweater combination are perfect for a spring or fall barbecue. 

Indoors (In a Private Home)

If the baby shower is being held in someone’s home, this setting will be more casual, but attending events in private homes comes with a few important things to remember:

  • You may be asked to remove your shoes. You can always check with the host ahead of time, but many people have rules about guests removing their shoes at the door. You don’t want to end up awkwardly walking around in bare feet, so instead wear pantyhose with your dress, or socks with your jeans, just in case.
  • You might be sharing a couch or sofa, so avoid anything tight or constrictive. It’s hard to look good when you’re uncomfortable. Choose forgiving silhouettes, and a bit of stretch or loose fabric in your outfit, for optimal comfort.


During the day, it’s best to go with a cute, feminine outfit that’s not too revealing and not too formal. A cute sundress with pumps, a lacy blouse over dress pants, or a t-shirt dress; these are all great options.


In the evening, you can go a bit more formal.  Consider a cocktail dress, perhaps strapless or halter, or a formal blouse with a pencil skirt in a fun print – with a little shimmer or glitter in your accessories – adds drama without weighing down your look.

For a Winter/Fall Baby Shower

  • Tuck a crewneck sweater into a pencil skirt, with tights underneath and ankle boots, for a classic, dressy look.
  • Add leggings beneath a knee-length dress, with a chunky scarf and leather jacket on top.
  • Pair a tunic dress with knee-high (or thick-high) boots and knee-high socks to match.
  • The classic turtleneck or cozy sweater and jeans is a go-to for winter looks.

For a Spring/Summer Baby Shower

For a Spring/Summer Baby Shower

 This cute, pleated sundress can be worn with either pumps or knee-high boots 

  • Add a sweater or cardigan to a sundress for a formal outfit with built-in layers
  • Pair dress pants or white jeans with a simple top, cardigan and statement jewelry.
  • Maxi dresses are gorgeous and perfect for hot weather. Add a belt and heels to make it more dressy than boho.

For the Mom-to-be

Baby showers can be especially tricky for the mama herself! Many women feel uncomfortable attending semi-formal events while pregnant, but there are easy, comfortable outfits you can choose that will look great.

For the Mom-to-be  This mint chiffon layered maxi dress is perfect for an expecting mother. 

  • If you’re comfortable in a fitted dress, great! There are many options to choose from these days. Consider a wrap dress with an adjustable closure, as this will give you some flexibility.
  • An A-line dress can look great while accommodating your bump, and you might even be able to wear a non-maternity dress that you already have. Accessorize with a scarf or cropped cardigan for a cute, vintage look.
  • Leggings and loose tunic tops are a gift for pregnant women; you can create a stylish outfit that’s very forgiving. Pair with statement jewelry to take it up a notch.
  • Instead of a tunic top, you can also wear a sleeveless shirt with a loose kimono-style jacket over leggings. Kimono jackets are very trendy and forgiving for women of all shapes and sizes.
  • Maxi dresses are naturally loose and forgiving; these will allow you comfort while making you look statuesque (see above).
  • Make sure to opt for breathable fabrics with some stretch and give.

For the Grandmother-to-be

For the Grandmother-to-be wear to attend baby shower A long, flowy sweater adds drama to a simple outfit. Pair with ankle boots and leggings for a simple but fashionable look.  

Often, the grandmother-to-be will be the one hosting the event. If you are going to be MC’ing, you will want to make sure to wear something appropriately stunning.

  • Set the tone with a cute dress or blouse, in pastels or florals.
  • A long, drape-y cardigan over leggings or fitted pants is formal and easy to throw together.
  • A structured dress or jacket is a great way to highlight your figure.

For Sisters, Cousins, and other Relatives

A baby shower is a family affair, and even if you’re not in charge, you will definitely want to look nice. In this case, there’s not as much of a concern about being overdressed, since you are part of the family throwing the shower.

For Sisters, Cousins, and other Relatives to attend baby shower as guest

 This nautical-themed dress goes perfectly with the statement necklace. Jewelry and accessories can bring a pop of color to this outfit. 

  • A cocktail dress and belted cardigan is a great formal look.
  • Dresses or tops in nautical stripes add an aura of confidence and authority.
  • Accessories like statement jewelry, chunky scarves or pumps can add formality to an otherwise casual outfit.
  • Print dresses, in stripes or polka dots or florals, are a fun option.

For the Father

Traditionally, only women attend baby showers, but times are changing and gentlemen are often invited, too. Men will want to wear business casual attire at the least; this is an important event, after all.

  • In warm weather, a dress shirt, possibly paired with a sweater, is appropriate with dress pants.
  • A sport jacket is a nice touch.
  • Shorts are not recommended, even in summer, but consider dress pants in light fabrics such as cotton or linen. Lighter colors or looser fabric weaves will help keep the outfit breathable.

Regardless of what you wear, make sure to enjoy this special occasion with the mother-to-be!