A newborn is meant to be receptive of all the blessings from the family and parents. The blessings could be in any guise. There are several ways to shower blessings on the Godsent angel. Giving her a distinct name could be one of those ways. A name is an attribute added to one’s personality.

Names can reflect the personality but cannot decide your fate. Thence, Success or failure in life is barely impacted by the ‘name’ of a person. Superstition should not be encouraged with these unrealistic beliefs.

In black families, newborns are named right after birth. They are honored with prominent names. Black girl names are carefully chosen. Parents see to the fact that the names comply with the ethnicity they strongly associate with. Black girls are to be given unique and latter-day names.

Our Top 20 Picks of Black Girl Names

A select-few names are mentioned below that are thoroughly studied before giving them out as recommendations:

1. Adah (Beautiful, ornament)

This name for black girls is of Arabic and African origin.

If you are seeking beauty and good looks in your child, if you want her to be admired as someone beautiful, and if you want everyone around her to cheer her beauty and comeliness, then name her as ADAH.

ADAH is a concise name that can be easily pronounced in a soft tone. A four-alphabet name is in fashion these days. It’s different than those rigid names that are scarcely easy to be uttered.

2. Adanna (Her father’s daughter)

The name is of African origin.
This name is going to suit every girl without a shadow of doubt. This name can’t be specific to anyone’s nature. Your child would remain ‘daddy’s li’l girl’ like all the women, ordinary or extraordinary, in the world. Like every other loving daughter, this child would be close to her father as she grows up. Hence, this name can perfectly describe who she is.

This name is neither complicated nor very brief. It’s kind of a decent name with mediocre quantity of letters.

3. Bisa (Greatly loved)

It’s another name of African origin.
Girls are usually loved and adored. They are bestowed with lots of adulation and love. Hence, this name can suit any girl of any nature. This name might attract bundles of love towards your cute little daughter.

It contains only two syllables, and hence a very precise name. It comes on the tip of your tongue very easily.

4. Binta (With God)

The name belongs in Africa and Arabia, both.
If you want your girl child to be blessed by the divine, you have an option to name her as BINTA. This means, your child might be into spirituality in near future. She may acquire a particular sanctity. And that, she will never be void of divine blessings.

To be God’s child is everyone’s desire. Your child would be lucky to have this name. The name is extensively unique as it is rarely heard.


5. Bolanle (One who finds wealth at home)

The pronunciation is interesting and eccentric. It’s an African-origin name.
Some people are bestowed with a fortune full of wealth. They naturally attract wealth, and money chases them instead. This name could do wonders in this regard.

If you want to see your child economically strong in future, you may name her as BOLANLE. She could be a lucky charm for you as well. Your financial problems could be fixed with the fortune she has been bestowed upon.

6. Eshe (life, energy)

The name was first used by Swahili people.
If you want your child to be full of zeal, positivity and energy, you should opt for this name. This could be the best choice for newborn’s name as it is so full of life.

Every parent would want to see his child living life to the fullest. It ascertains your child would never be world-weary.

It has an amazing and brief utterance. Nobody would err saying the name.

7. Fayola (walks with honor)

It’s an African-origin name.
If you wish for your child to live an esteemed life with sheer dignity, then never let go of this option. This name has such a prestigious meaning and can leave a positive impact on your child’s personality.

8. Jendayi (grateful, thankful)

The name is of Zimbabwean origin.
If you don’t want your child to be among those holding grudges against life, and if you want your child to be grateful for everything she gets, pick this name.

Give your daughter humility as a gift when she comes into the world. Trust us, she’ll thank you for this later when she grows into an adult.

9. Jemila (beautiful)

It originated from Somalia and Swahili.
If you want your child to be referred to as a ‘beauty’, give her this name. Your daughter would never fall short of beauty no matter what. Girls want to seem beautiful, girls want to feel beautiful, therefore, this could be an exemplary name.

10. Kalifa (holy, chaste)

The origin of the name is Arabic and African.
This name ascertains a pious and a humbling personality. The child with this name might be acquiring chastity in every purpose.

There could be purity in her nature. The essence of the name would be impactful in one way or the other. Such a heavenly name with guaranteed blessings.

11. Leal (faithful)

The origin is Africa. Though, black people around the world can possess the name.
Faithfulness could be a good quality you would want to gift your child. Isn’t it?

If you want your child to be loyal and faithful, name her as LEAL. What a polite name it indeed is.

12. Mandisa (sweetness)

This is a sweet name of African origin.
Daughters are usually sweeter than the honey. Hence, this name does justice to their fondly nature.

You’d definitely not want your daughter to be bitter about something like a job rejection, bad grades, broken relationship etc. So, give her some extra bit of sweetness with this name.

Icing on cake, the pronunciation is sweet and soft.

13. Malika (queen)

The name originated in Arabia but is possessed by blacks across the world.
Would you want your child to be a queen and stand apart from the crowds? It’s a sure yes. Then, name her MALIKA. This name is a confidence booster in many ways.


14. Nakeisha (Her life)

This name is of African origin.
Her life — Her choice. Are you imagining it to be something like this? Well, maybe. The utterance makes this name uniquely beautiful. It ensures one’s command on their life, their decisions, their attempts.

Wouldn’t you want to gift your child assertiveness? You surely would.

15. Nichelle (victorious maiden)

The origin is African.
Pondering on this name, you imagine an elegant bachelorette with ability to conquer the world. Such an extravagant meaning to this name. If you want your child to be successful in every walk of life, choose this name.

Nichelle, much similar to Michelle. Just an alphabet different. Both get conflated. Therefore, there’s a possibility that many people would be getting it mispronounced everyday. Children don’t take these things on a lighter note.

16. Oba (river goddess)

It’s purely an African-origin name.
This name will best suit a girl born under a water sign. The meaning shows your ruling over the water. Strange but true, elements can be linked with human’s life.

As per the meaning and pronunciation both, this name finds no comparison.

17. Olabisi (Joy multiplied)

The origin is African.
If you want your child to remain joyful through all phases of life, give her this iconic name. She could be a happy-go-lucky kind of child.

For some people life is all about venturing on earth and hushing all worries. Such names are made for people who are troubleshooters by design.

18. Ramla (prophetess)

The origin of the name is Egyptian and African.
Here’s another name offering sanctity and piousness. It well matches a personality who tends to be a prophetess of goodwill, a prophetess of peace, a prophetess of harmony.

19. Shaniece (gift of god)

Again, an African-origin name for girls.
If you are certain that your daughter is a gift from God, and you are blessed to have her, give your little angel this beautiful name. It assures you are receptive of her birth.

20. Shaquana (truth in life)

Like all other names of African origin, this name is pretty unique and worthwhile.
If you want her to be an awakening light with truthfulness and veracity, please entitle your princess with this name. She could be a guiding light for everyone around.

Final Words

A child’s name should be contemplated on well before associating it with him/her forever. And, it should be flexible in terms of diction and elocution. Uniqueness is important but it isn’t above all.

A lot of people choose unique yet awkwardly pronounced names, which may become a tool of bullying in school. Some people compromise on everything except for the unique verbalisation, and choose a name with negative meaning. It should be avoided.

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