Wet wipes are probably the most versatile item in your arsenal of parenting tools. They’re great for mopping up spills, they make diaper changes a breeze, and they’re also known to help prevent a great many skin conditions, including that ever-present menace: Diaper rash.

In fact, a study published in the BMC Pediatrics journal found that using wet wipes to clean a  baby’s skin was ‘significantly less likely’ to cause diaper rash versus alternative methods like water-soaked cotton wool. The same study even showed a small improvement over the use of pure clean water, which means that baby wipes are actually the most hygienic way to care for your little one’s most delicate areas.

That said, a cold, clammy wet wipe is every baby’s worst nightmare. If you use them already, you might have noticed that your child jumps when the wipe first makes contact, or starts crying after a moment or two of prolonged exposure.

And if you pause to consider just how cold wet wipes can be, I’m sure you’ll sympathize with your little one’s plight!

Best Wipe Warmers Buying Guide

Wipe warmers are designed to take all of the discomfort and misery out of changing time: Heating cloth or disposable water wipes up to a comfortable temperature so that you can keep your little one clean, without upsetting them in the middle of the night.

They’re perfect for anyone that likes to use wet wipes to keep their baby clean, and they’re an absolute godsend if you frequently struggle to get your little one back to sleep after a midnight diaper change.

Not all wipe warmers are made equal though: Some have additional features like night lights, some are built in a way that’s designed to lock moisture into your wipes, some feature special technologies designed to cut down on wastage and some actually demand much more frequent upkeep, due to the use of special moisturizing pillows and other, semi-disposable elements.

Which is the best wipe warmer

To help you navigate the confusing world of wipe warmers, we’ve put together this in-depth guide, which includes reviews of our 5 favorite wipe warmers and walks you through all the questions we’d ask before selecting an option:

What Type of Wipes Does It Heat?

First things first, you need to make sure that your wipe warmer will heat the kind of wipes you want to use. The overwhelming majority of wipe warmers do heat reusable baby wipes, and we have found that most of the top-rated wipe warmers also work with the disposable kind, but it’s always worth double checking!

disposable vs reusable wipes

Is It Robust and User-friendly?

Next on the list: build quality. Since you’ll be changing your baby between 10 and 12 times a day in those first few months, your wipe warmer is going to see some fairly heavy use. As such, we’d recommend checking reviews to ensure that any clips, fasteners or hinges will stand up to the stress, and that the warmer can be left on for hours at a time without burning out.

It’s also worth noting that cold baby wipes, used without a warmer, do actually pose something of a safety risk in their own right too: Because babies can’t shiver, anything that causes their body temperature to drop forces them to burn reserves of special ‘brown fat’ which is quite hard to replace.

This makes maintaining their core body temperature a real priority, and one of the best ways to do that is to ensure that anything touching their skin is slightly above standard room temperature.

How Long Does It Take to Warm up Wipes?

Most wipe warmers take between 2 and 3 hours to heat a full stack of wipes (between 60 and 80 pieces, depending on the model). They will then keep these wipes warm for as long as the machine is switched on, which is handy and convenient.

That said, warmers designed to really lock moisture in, and prevent browning, can take a little while longer. If timing and speed are an issue, make sure you check downloadable user manuals or reviews to determine the length of time your chosen warmer actually takes to get wipes up to the desired temperature.

Does It Warm from the Top or the Bottom?

Generally speaking, wipe warmers heat a stack of wipes from one of two directions; the top or the bottom. Top-down warmers make sure that you always have a warm wipe close to hand, and they also leave wipes at the bottom of the stack nice and moist. That said, they can also leave wipes at the bottom cold, and warmers with a bottom-up approach also tend to heat more evenly.

Wipe warmer heating directionUltimately, there are pros and cons to both, but working out which is better for your needs should be a priority.

Does It Lock in Moisture?

Warmers with poor airflow or bad moisture seals can dry wipes up, which isn’t optimal. Some wipe warmers even brown the edges of wipes too, which is why we’d always check to make sure the unit is designed to really lock in moisture.

Does It Have Extra Features?

Some warmers have built-in night lights and timers. Depending on your preferences, this might be something that impacts your buying decision, or it might be a needless distraction. Either way, it’s worth evaluating these extra features and the additional costs they might incur when choosing a wipe warmer for your baby.


Our Top 5 Best Wipe Warmers

Here we’ve listed our top picks, including the best warmer for disposable wipes, the best warmer for reusable wipes, and the wipe warmer that represents the best value for money:

Quick View
NameHeating modeFeaturesPrice
Hiccapop Wipe WarmerBottom-up heating▪ Antimicrobial elements
▪ Extra large storage capacity
▪ Low-voltage
Prince Lionheart Premium Wipe WarmerBottom-up heating▪ Anti-microbial agent
▪ Patented Ever-Fresh moisture technology
▪ 80-100 wipes
Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe WarmerTop-down heating ▪ Antimicrobial elements
▪ Timed night light
▪ Low-voltage
Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipe WarmerBottom-up heating▪ Patented Ever-Fresh moisture system
▪ Antimicrobial elements
▪ 80-100 wipes
Dexbaby Space Saving Wipe WarmerBottom-up heating▪ Vertical design
▪ 10 minute, timed night light
▪ 80 wipes

Hiccapop Wipe Warmer – best for disposable wipes

A premium item with a real focus on build quality, this wipe warmer exudes luxury. It’s ergonomically shaped, it’s sleek, and the parent brand has baked the idea of ‘lifelong value’ into all of their product research and design, so you can depend on it to keep working for month after month.

Hiccapop Wipe Warmer

  • Sophisticated, high-end design
  • Antimicrobial elements to prevent the build up of bacteria or mold.
  • Soft-glow night light (untimed)
  • Window that allows you to view how many wipes are in the unit

It’s also got a really robust silicone seal, which keeps moisture locked in for hours, and it uses a “bottom-up” heating method, which means that the whole stack of wipes will be toasty warm, which is great for those of us that go through a whole bunch at a time!

In our opinion, this option is definitely the best wipe warmer for water wipes, and it’s also the most dependable warmer that we tried – leaving no browning, or dryness, even when overfilled slightly.

This warmer is priced according to its build quality though: It’s the most expensive option on our list, and it’s not that different from other, cheaper options, so if you are shopping on a tight budget, you might want to consider a slightly cheaper alternative.

It does feature additional functionality in the form of a (very soft) nightlight, and it is undoubtedly a high-end product, in terms of feel and reliability, but working out whether or not that justifies the price increase will come down to how much you value these aspects.

  • Real focus on build quality and effectiveness
  • Can be relied on to warm a whole stack of wipes without browning or dryness
  • Really reliable seals and clips, which gives it a long lifespan
  • Warms up wipes in just over 2 hours

  • One of the most expensive warmers on our list
  • Some of the extra functionality (like the nightlight) could be better implemented
  • Does have a slightly smaller capacity than some other warmers. (Approx 70 wipes)
  • A little larger than some of the other warmers on this list, which means it takes up a bit more space in your nursery
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Prince Lionheart Premium Wipe Warmer – best for reusable wipes

This nifty little unit from family-owned company Prince Lionheart is, hands-down, the best wipe warmer for reusable wipes.

Prince Lionheart Premium Wipe Warmer

  • EPA-approved anti-microbial agent
  • Patented Ever-Fresh moisture technology
  • Reservoir for up to 100 wipes
  • Power light/indicator

It’s a premium option, benefiting from a sleek design and a plastic body that incorporates EPA-approved antimicrobial agents, and it also features a whole host of moisture-retaining technologies, including Lionheart’s unique Ever-Fresh moisture pillow which sits at the bottom of the unit, and gently releases condensation to keep wipes moist.

This warmer is often lauded for its ability to keep wipes warm and moist for hours at a time, and we’re a huge fan of how elegant and simple the whole thing is.

The only slight issue is that the opening at the top can be quite stiff, and has been known to rip wipes. This is why we recommend this warmer for reusable wipes, rather than their thinner, disposable cousins; despite the fact that it can technically accommodate both kinds.

The moisture pillow does need to be replaced every 3 months too, which adds an additional upkeep cost that you might not have accounted for.

All in all, we think this is a great little wipe warmer, and you can certainly rely on it to keep wipes warm without drying them out, but it is on the pricier end once you factor in replacement parts, and it isn’t the best fit for disposable wipes.

  • Excellent build quality
  • Genuinely keeps wipes moist & warm
  • Heats up in approximately 3 hours
  • Sleek design, and it’s very easy to use as well

  • Best for reusable wipes, as it can tear disposable alternatives
  • Needs more upkeep than some other models
  • People do complain that the power light is quite bright
  • No extra features (like a night light)
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Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer – best for cloth wipes

This wipe warmer is one of the best-rated warmers on Amazon, and with good reason too:  It’s a well-made, reliable option, with a nice little window that lets you keep an eye on how many wipes are left, and good extra functionality in the form of a 10 minute, timed night-light that lasts long enough for most diaper changes.

Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer

  • Clean, uncluttered design that incorporates anti-microbial elements
  • Top-down heating for increased moisture retention
  • Timed night light
  • Energy efficient, low-voltage design

These features prevent you having to switch the main nursery lights on, which, in turn, wakes your baby less. We’re also a big fan of this warmer’s top-down heating design, which keeps wipes at the bottom of the pile nice and moist, but ensures that the next wipe you pull out will be nice and warm.

The only slight downside of this design is that wipes at the bottom of the pile do sometimes struggle to get warm, as the heat doesn’t penetrate right to the bottom. Some people do also complain that the two clips used to secure the top of this warmer are quite stiff, which makes refilling a bit of a chore.

That said, we do still think that this is absolutely the best wipe warmer for reusable wipes, and it’s also well suited to anyone that’s looking to add a little splash of color to their baby’s nursery.

  • Works really well with both types of wipes; locking in moisture and keeping them warm for hours
  • Simple and reliable design that’s cheap to maintain, and easy to use
  • Really handy little night-light for those midnight diaper changes
  • Holds up to 100 wipes

  • The clips that fasten the top of the unit can be quite stiff
  • Top-down heating can leave wipes at the bottom cold
  • Moisture seal on the lid isn’t the most effective, which means the top wipe can dry out
  • Only works when kept almost full, due to the design
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Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipe Warmer – best for money

The second Prince Lionheart warmer to make our list, this particular example is the best wipe warmer for the money.

Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer

  • Patented Ever-Fresh moisture system prevents dryness and browning
  • Robust clips to keep moisture locked in
  • Handy night light for late night changing
  • EPA-approved antimicrobial elements to keep mold and bacteria at bay

It’s no slouch in other departments either though: Like the Premium Wipe Warmer of this list, the Ultimate incorporates Prince Lionheart’s patent-protected Ever-Fresh moisture pillow, which keeps wipes nice and moist despite the bottom-up heating method, and the quality of the unit can’t be overstated either.

This is a robust little warmer, made from high-quality plastics that incorporate natural antimicrobial agents. It’ll heat a full stack of 80 wipes up in about 3 hours, and it can be used with water, reusable or disposable wipes too, making it a really good all-rounder.

The night light is a nice extra touch too, and we’re big fans of this unit’s low voltage, which means that it is tremendously energy efficient. In fact, it uses the same amount of power as a set of Christmas lights, which means it can be left on round the clock without inducing any guilt.

The lid clips are nice and robust too, which means no moisture escapes from the top of the unit during normal use.

Really, the only problem we could find is that the Ever-Fresh moisture pillow does need to be replaced once every 3 months, and wetted every 3-4 days, which makes this option slightly more labor intensive than some of the other warmers on our list.

  • The most cost-effective option on our list
  • Well-built and reliable wipe warmer
  • Low power output makes it very cheap to run
  • Can be used with every type of wipe, and holds up to 80

  • Ever-Fresh pillow does add additional maintenance and upkeep costs
  • Wipes at the top do fail to warm up fully sometimes, due to the “bottom-up” heating design
  • Does have slightly less capacity than some other warmers
  • Doesn’t look quite as attractive as some of the high-end options
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Dexbaby Space Saving Wipe Warmer – a space saver

If space is at a premium in your nursery, you may well want to consider this nifty little wipe warming.

Dexbaby Wipe Warmer

  • Unique, vertical design, which is a real space-saver
  • 10 minute, timed night light for late-night changing
  • BPA-free plastic casing
  • Simple, straightforward design, to fit with any nursery

Boasting a unique, vertical design, it manages to hold a full stack of 80 wipes, while taking up about 50% of the space used by the other warmers on this list. It’s also a very reliable wipe warmer by all accounts; heating up a full stack in around 2 hours, and keeping them nice and moist for at least one full day. Dexbaby is so confident about this wipe warmers’ abilities that they even ‘guarantee’ that it’ll keep wipes moist and warm for at least 12 hours, which is good.

The whole unit has been designed for ease of use too, and a lot of reviews mention the fact that it’s particularly easy to use, which is great if you’re changing your baby one-handed.

The only issue is that, as a result of the vertical design, wipes aren’t always heated as evenly as we’d like; wipes at the bottom of the feed are great, but up at the top, things can stay a little cooler than we’d like, and there doesn’t seem to be much that can be done to remedy this situation.

The timed night-light is a nice little extra though, and we still think this is a great option for those of us that are space-conscious.

  • Reliable, effective and robust little warmer
  • Great capacity for its size
  • Obviously saves you a lot of space in the nursery
  • The night light has a soft, warm glow, which is bright enough to see by, but not so bright that it’ll wake your baby

  • This unit does not heat wipes as evenly as some of the other, more traditional designs on this list
  • There are higher capacity machines out there, which is a big plus if you have twins, or use a lot of wipes
  • Moisture seals do break down after 8+ months of heavy use, so it might not manage more than one baby
  • Not the most attractive unit, despite its minimalist design
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How To Use A Wipe Warmer

Generally speaking, wipe warmers are very easy to use.

  • Most feature a removable top that can be unclipped, so you can stack up your wipes, and after you’ve done that, it’s simply a case of putting the unit back together;
  • Plug it into the wall, and wait for your wipes to warm up (built-in thermostats or timers stop the warmer from overheating wipes);
  • Open the top flap and pull the wipe up through the opening, like you would on a regular pack of baby wipes;
  • Enjoy a warm, moist wipe, ready for use.

If you are using reusable wipes, you may also need to add a small amount of water and a cleaning solution – always make sure that you read the instruction manual that is provided with your model, as it will contain a full breakdown of the steps you’ll need to take, and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Cleaning A Wipe Warmer

Wipe warmers are very easy to clean and care for too – just unplug the power cord, remove the top, and wipe the unit down with water and a mild detergent at least once a week. If there are removable moisture pillows, as in all Lionheart brand wipe warmers, this can be soaked or machine-washed separately as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Cleaning A Wipe Warmer

What about Bacteria?

Concerns about the safety of wipe warmers are frequently raised on parenting forums, but all modern options have built-in, EPA-approved antimicrobial agents, and conform to all US and EU safety directives.


There’s a wipe warmer to suit every baby, irrespective of whether your set on an eco-friendly model with low output, a reliable warmer that’ll heat hundreds of wipes in a few short hours, or a wipe warmer that’s specifically designed to cater for reusable wet wipes.

Hopefully the list above helps to shed some light on the option that’ll be best for your baby, but we’d always recommend taking the time to read additional product reviews on Amazon, or the shopping platform of your choice, to ensure that you can make an informed decision.

And remember: The best wipe warmer is the one that suits your needs. There’s every chance that the night light feature found on the Hiccapop Wipe Warmer will be used every night by some parents, but you might also find that you get more mileage out of a unit without this feature, or a unit like the Prince Lionheart Ultimate, which prioritizes value for money over additional functionality. Take your time when choosing, and make sure you prioritize the things that matter to you.