If you’re already on the market for a good jogging stroller, you probably don’t need to be told that running is a fantastic way to burn off that extra baby-weight, regain your form and boost your mood.

Using a purpose-built stroller just means that you get there a bit quicker. It also means that you can spend a few extra hours of bonding time with your baby, and that’s never a bad thing!

All of that extra fresh air will be great for your little one too. In fact, a recent study published in the Journal of Sleep Science found that a daily dose of clean air helped to promote the development of young brains, and improved the quality of young babies’ sleep, which should be all the encouragement any new parent needs!

Best-Lightweight-jogging-stroller-bumpy-roadJogging with a stroller is very different to running without one though – pushing all of that extra weight turns the gentlest power-walk into a full-body workout, and it’s worth remembering that you are essentially resistance training for the duration of any uphill segments.

This makes picking a good jogging stroller very important. You need something that’ll encourage good posture, something that can cope with difficult terrain and, most important of all, something that’ll keep your baby nice and safe as you run.

The last thing you want is an ungainly, heavy stroller, with wheels that skew as you run, or a rigid steel frame that jostles your baby on every bump.

To help you pick out the perfect jogging stroller, we’ve put together an in-depth buying guide and a comprehensive review of our five favorite options below.

Best Lightweight Jogging Strollers Buying Guide

Before you rush out and grab a stroller, it’s important to remember that there’s a huge amount of variation between the products offered by different brands.

When it comes to jogging strollers, there’s probably even more variation than there is between regular travel systems, what with all of the different weights, the different accessories and the different canopy types…

To help you pick a stroller that suits your needs, we’ve pulled together a list of the things we’d look for, as follows:

Make Sure It’s Lightweight

After the aerodynamic wedge-shape and the oversized wheels, the most striking difference between jogging strollers and their standard cousins is definitely the weight. An average pushchair can weigh anything from 45-60lbs, while the average stroller weighs in at just 30lbs.

This is hugely important because less weight means less resistance, and less resistance means that you’ll be doing more actual running when you take your baby out for some exercise. As a rule of thumb, you want to pick the lightest possible stroller that meets your requirements.


That said, anything that weighs around 30lbs will be more than light enough for most of us. There is also something of a delicate balance to be found, as further decreases in weight can come at the expense of structural strength.

Look for foldable options

This one’s more a convenience than anything else, but having some sort of instant-fold functionality can be a real god-send. This is doubly true if you’re driving somewhere remote for your run, and need to get your jogging stroller in and out of the trunk.

Most purpose-built strollers do have some sort of folding functionality, and the very best options boast some sort of ‘one-touch’ feature that allows you to get everything unpacked and set up one-handed. We’d always recommend looking out for options with this feature, as they take a lot of pain out of the setup process.

Make sure it has good brakes

Safety is important, particularly if you’re jogging on rugged terrain, and want to stop for a break while you’re halfway up a particularly steep hill. In that situation, a good set of brakes is all that stands between you and a nasty accident, so do make sure that any stroller you pick has a good system.

Types of Brake
Jogging strollers generally have one of two kinds of brake: A footbrake, which works a bit like the brake on a shopping cart, or a handbrake, which works a bit like the brake on a bicycle. 

A lot of fitness enthusiasts recommend models with handbrakes as they can be used to slow the pace of your stroller while you’re running, but we don’t really think this is a necessary feature unless you’re intending to run on very steep terrain.


In most instances, a footbrake is all you need to secure your stroller in place, and finding an option with a nice, strong example should be a top priority for anyone that wants to run safely.

Look for options with a good sun canopy

Chances are that you’ll want to get out there and run when the weather is nice. Unfortunately, spending a lot of time in direct sunlight can cause your baby to overheat, leading to sickness, tantrums and potential health scares. The solution? A nice, sturdy sun canopy.

Most jogging strollers have these as default, but there’s still a lot of variation when it comes to the size of the canopy, and the amount of the seat that it keeps in the shade. We’d always recommend that you take the time to find a stroller with a nice, big canopy that’ll offer your baby plenty of protection from the elements.

Check for good suspension

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but it bears mentioning here because it is a very important point. Every bump, jostle or nudge has the potential to cause your baby discomfort, and running over rough ground with a poor suspension system is a sure-fire way to guarantee that your baby ends up voicing their discomfort in the loudest possible fashion.


As such, we would always recommend that you look for models that are reputed to have a good suspension system, or models that are designed to prioritize your child’s comfort.

Make sure it has durable, oversized tires

Thick, air-filled tires are one of the key selling points of a good jogging stroller, not least because they help to soak up any inconsistencies in the terrain, and deliver a nice smooth ride for you and your baby.

Whether you intend to run on woodland paths, paved streets or open fields, we’d always recommend that you pick out a stroller that boasts pneumatic tires.

We’d advise looking for big wheels too: most good jogging strollers feature a 16” rear wheel and a 12” front wheel which, again, helps to keep things nice and smooth during long runs. Big wheels also generate less “rolling resistance” which means that you’ll have to put less effort into pushing your stroller up inclines or level ground.

Look for adaptable options

You don’t want to run everywhere, which means you’ll probably want to make sure your jogging stroller can double-up as a regular pushchair on occasion. This means checking that the front wheel can be ‘unlocked’ so that it swivels freely, and allows you to guide the pushchair at a gentle walking pace.

best-jogging-stroller-unlocked-front-wheelOptions with a fully fixed front wheel can still be very good, but you probably wouldn’t want to push them around on a busy street, or a crowded supermarket. Strollers with an unlockable wheel are also generally much easier to pack up, and tend to fit more neatly into trunks or cupboards too.

Our Top 5 Lightweight Jogging Strollers

Quick View
Click for DetailFeatureWeight LimitPrice
Graco Fastaction Fold JoggerBest for money5~50 lbsCheck Price
Joovy Zoom Ultralight Jogging StrollerBest for moms lacking physical strength15~75 lbs$218.55
Schwinn Arrow Jogging StrollerEasy handbrake15~50 lbs$219.99
Thule Urban Glide Jogging StrollerThe ultimate choice ~75 lbs$419.95
Baby Trend Expedition Double StrollerBest for twins25~45 lbs$187.44

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger – best for money

The Jogger is a particularly convenient option, with a straightforward, single-button mechanism that’s designed to collapse the whole stroller in one second, and an automatic storage lock to make sure it doesn’t unfold again while you’re trying to lift it into the car.

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger

  • Chunky, 16” rear wheels
  • Reclining, adjustable seat
  • Locking front swivel wheel
  • Unique, one-touch, one-second fold feature
 Durable and Comfortable 

It’s a really well-built option too, benefiting from Graco’s impeccable build-quality, and some really sturdy materials. Taking it out for a test run, we were surprised by how durable it felt, and reassured by its no-nonsense approach to bumpy or uneven ground.

It’s the kind of stroller that feels equally comfortable on narrow, bumpy paths and the wide, well-paved roads of a suburban development. It looks the part too; all black fabric, high-contrast piping and grey metal struts.

 Best of All 

The fact that the Fastaction Fold Jogger is actually designed to interface with all of Graco’s Click Connect car seats and travel systems, which means that you’ll be able to clip compatible seats straight into your stroller. This allows you to provide your little one with a more comfortable ride, and it also allows you to use the stroller prior to the normal, 6-month guideline, as a proper car seat will offer more in the way of neck support and cushioning.

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger-with-car-seat A Lot of Little Extras 

This includes nice finishing touches like the low-light reflectors, comfort-enhancing features like the vented sun canopy and conveniences like a unique smartphone holder, designed to keep your phone in easy reach while you run.

 Some Downsides 

First of all, the canopy isn’t the biggest, which can be problematic if you’re running in the middle of the day.

Secondly, the sturdy build and high-quality materials do come at the expense of a higher-than-average overall weight. In fact, the whole unit weighs in at around 35lbs which is about 5lbs higher than we’d usually recommend.

 Bottom line 

That said, there’s a lot to love about this particular option, and we think it’d be a really good fit for anyone that wants a nice, dependable jogging stroller that’ll work on a variety of terrain-types.

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger-foldedIt’s rugged, it boasts a range of nice extra features, and it’s undoubtedly one of the most convenient options in its class – particularly when you consider that one-second fold time!

  • Very easy to pack away, which is ideal if you’re driving somewhere remote to run, or want to store the stroller in a cupboard
  • A sturdy, durable stroller that will provide a smooth ride on all terrain types
  • Offers plenty of comfort for your little one, and can interface with Click Connect car seats

  • Slightly heavier than the average jogging stroller, which can make it harder to push, and less beneficial for your overall form
  • Lacks some of the extra mod-cons found on other models, like a handbrake or adjustable handlebars
  • Smaller than average sun canopy
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Joovy Zoom Ultralight Jogging Stroller – best for moms lacking physical strength

Sleek, sophisticated and unquestionably elegant, Joovy Zoom’s Ultralight Jogging Stroller is certainly easy on the eye.

Joovy Zoom Ultralight Jogging Stroller

  • Lockable front-wheel that provides a long wheel base for running.
  • Oversized canopy for plentiful sun protection
  • Reclining seat
  • Oversized 16” rear-wheels
 Good Design 

It’s easy on your baby too; boasting extremely soft and luxurious fabric throughout, and a nice, elevated seating position that’ll give your baby plenty of visibility at all times.

Joovy Zoom Ultralight Jogging Stroller-soft fabric Extra Touches 

16”, air-filled tires also help to ensure that your little one is nice and comfortable throughout, and extra touches like the extended canopy mean that we’d be more than happy to take this particular stroller out at any time of the day.


The “Ultralight” in the name is no idle boast either. At just 25lbs, this jogging stroller is actually lighter than some car seats, which means that you should have no problem pushing it up hills! The lack of weight does also mean that you’ll be able to run with a more natural gait, and there’s some evidence to suggest that this really is the key to burning off calories properly.

Joovy Zoom Ultralight Jogging Stroller-Ultralight Some Issues .

A handful of long-time owners report that the front wheel sits quite loose in its socket and shakes, imperceptibly, at higher speeds which can be annoying, but not dangerous.

The stark angles of the seat and canopy can also mean that fabric does occasionally brush the head of very tall children at the upper end of the strollers 75lb weight limit. Some parents have reported that it’s slightly larger than they’d have expected too, and it’s fair to say that you probably wouldn’t want to try and push it around a lot of twisty, narrow corridors.

 Not to Worry 

But these niggles weren’t enough to dampen our enthusiasm at all. Objectively, we have to say that the Ultralight Jogging Stroller is still a fantastic option, which is more than capable of tackling anything that you throw its way.

Joovy Zoom Ultralight Jogging Stroller-parents organizerIts shock absorbers eat up rough terrain, it keeps your baby nice and stable at all times, and, thanks to its low weight, it even manages to encourage good form while you’re running

 Bottom line 

In our view, the Ultralight is probably the best jogging stroller for the money, and a strong contender for most parents.

  • Lightweight, easy to push and easy to maneuver
  • Offers your baby a comfortable ride, even on rough terrain
  • Nice and convenient to store and use

  • The angled canopy does not provide much headroom for taller children
  • Quite long front-to-back, which can make it unwieldy in tight spaces
  • Some people report issues with a loose front wheel
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Schwinn Arrow Jogging Stroller – easy handbrake

Schwinn’s Arrow is one of the best jogging strollers for experienced runners.

Schwinn Arrow Jogging Stroller

  • Spring-shock suspension
  • Handbrake
  • 16” wheels with air filled tires and polished ball-bearings for reduced resistance
  • Adjustable handlebars

Alongside the usual 16” rear wheels, padded seat and aerodynamic shape, this particular option also boasts a whole host of features that are designed to promote proper posture, and facilitate long runs over difficult ground.

 Extra Control 

Our favorite feature is definitely the adjustable handle, which can be repositioned to help you keep your arms straight at all times.

Schwinn Arrow Jogging Stroller-adjustable handleWe’re also a big fan of the bicycle-style handbrake which, while not strictly necessary, does provide a little extra control when you’re running downhill, and trying to slow the pace without over exerting yourself.

Schwinn Arrow Jogging Stroller-handbrake Great Canopy and Window  

The sun canopy is definitely one of the better examples too. It’s thick enough to boast a UPF 50 protection rating. It’s also vented to allow air to flow past your baby’s head while you’re moving.

It also has a lovely little peek-a-boo window that allows you to check up on your child as you run. While this really isn’t strictly necessary, it’s definitely something we really valued, as it does provide you with peace of mind, and stops you from having to stop every so often to check your little one is OK.

Schwinn Arrow Jogging Stroller-window Things We Didn’t Like 

The front wheel is locked in place, which means you probably won’t be taking this stroller down the park, or using it for play-dates with your baby’s friends. The folding latches and locks are also fairly flimsy and we’d have really liked to see some extra little conveniences like a handle for carrying the stroller once it was folded.

An adjustable seat would be a big plus too, particularly if your baby’s fairly fussy about the angle that they sleep at.

 Bottom line 

That said, the suspension is in a class of its own, the ride quality is unparalleled and this is definitely one of the best strollers to run long-distance with. It’s also one of the lightest strollers on our list, weighing in at a scant 28lbs.

If you’re looking for a stroller that’s designed for the every-day runner, or something that’ll help you shave an extra few seconds off your latest lap time, this is probably the jogging stroller for you.

  • Lightweight jogging stroller that’s been designed for the experienced runner
  • Offers a very comfy ride, and great extras like a protective sun canopy
  • Adjustable handle means it offers great postural support

  • Streamlined, stripped-back design means it offers less storage than some other options
  • Forward wheel is fixed in place, making it less suitable for everyday use
  • Latches, locks and folding mechanisms could be more user-friendly.
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Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller – the ultimate choice

Another one for the serious runners among us, Thule’s Urban Guide is a jogging stroller par-excellence.

Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller

  • Oversized canopy with vented, peek-a-boo window
  • Pneumatic tires and a unique shock-absorbing suspension
  • Fully adjustable handlebars, reclining seat and canopy
  • Handy one-handed fold system
 A Great Design 

Its sleek silhouette testifies to its thoroughbred pedigree, and you only have to wheel it out onto the road to feel how light and responsive it is. Its suspension is flawless, it’s chunky, air-filled tires give it plenty of bounce, and it practically glides over everything from gravel to small tree roots.

Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller-suspensionEverything adjusts to suit you too – from the handlebars to the canopy and the seat, which boasts a handful of pre-set reclining positions. All of this adaptability means that you’ll be able to set up the Urban Glide to suit your exact requirements, irrespective of whether you’re shorter than average, or just want to maximize your baby’s chances of falling asleep during your next run.

 Extra Touches 

Beautiful little finishing touches like the magnetic peek-a-boo window and the long, extended canopy make it a real joy to use too. We’d be happy to take this stroller out regularly. In fact, we think it’s probably easier and more fun to use than a lot of standard strollers, irrespective of whether you’re running or not.

Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller-vent Some Downsides 

The downside to all of these fantastic features? A much higher price point, which is almost double the price point of some of the other strollers on this list. There are also a few odd omissions: There’s no footbrake, which you’d expect on a stroller aimed at the upper end of the market, and there’s also no option to buy additional car seat adapters, which means you will have to wait until your child is 6 months old before you can use it.

 Not to Worry 

That said, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable stroller, what with the special, shock absorbing suspension and the ergonomic handlebars. Thule have really taken your convenience into account too; adding a one-handed collapse system to help you pack the unit away, and making the front wheel very easy to lock in place.

Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller-functions Bottom line 

In our view, this is the ultimate jogging stroller for anyone that has a large budget. While there are other options that offer comparable comfort, very few do it quite so stylishly.

  • An incredibly stylish and sophisticated jogging stroller
  • Provides a lot of comfort and support to babies on long runs
  • Plethora of extra conveniences make it a real joy to use

  • Missing some of the features found on other jogging strollers, like an additional footbrake
  • Significantly higher price point when compared to other options on this list
  • Can be hard to replace broken parts, and disassemble things like the front wheel, which may be an issue if you intend to do maintenance yourself.
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Baby Trend Expedition Double Stroller – best for twins

The Baby Trend double is probably the single best jogging stroller for twins.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

  • 16” air-filled rear wheels
  • Locking front wheel
  • Integrated storage pockets, trays and baskets
  • Easy-fold mechanism
 Excellent Design Features 

While most designs of this type suffer from a limited feature set, a low weight limit and poor build quality, this shining example manages to retain many of the excellent design features that are normally found in single-occupant jogging strollers.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger-storageStraight out of the box, everything from the quality of the seat fabric, through to the chunky and robust foot brake speak of a really discerning approach to product design.

Taking the stroller out for a jog, it was also immediately clear that Baby Trend were fully committed to making a double stroller that could be taken out on a proper run. The pneumatic tires give it plenty of bounce, and the whole thing’s robust enough to tackle difficult terrain with ease.


It weighs a measly 25lbs too, which means that you’ll have no problem pushing it up steep hills, or running long distances with your little ones.

All in all, it’s fair to say that we were surprised and impressed with this double stroller, which is as easy to use as some of its smaller cousins. We were also impressed with the little conveniences, like the vented storage compartments, the cup-holders and easily-adjustable seats, which can be arrayed in a variety of positions.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger-window Some Downsides 

That’s not to say there weren’t any downsides though. After a while, it becomes clear that things like the triangular footrest look better than they function, and it’s also worth noting that the 50lb upper weight limit is offset by the comparatively small size of the seats.

We think it’s fair to say that most infants will be too big for the seat before they weigh too much to sit in it. The harnesses could sit slightly lower too.

At the bottom of the seat’s weight limit (25lbs) we think most children would probably be slightly too small for the harness to fit on their shoulders properly, and while that’s not a huge concern, it is still worth bearing in mind.

 Bottom line 

That said, you really couldn’t find a more comfortable twin jogging stroller, and we were astonished by how easy it was to run with. The build quality is excellent too, and we have no doubts that it’d sustain a lot of wear and tear before it showed any signs of slowing down.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger-cute twinsIf you had any concerns about your second child interfering with your fitness regime, this fantastic stroller should definitely offset them!

  • Surprisingly convenient, two-seater stroller that’s easy to pack away, and easy to use
  • Lightweight, comfortable and streamlined, which makes it a great choice for you and your babies.
  • Really high build quality, with easy-clean fabric and well-engineered framework throughout

  • Not the largest two-seater stroller, which makes it very convenient, but does limit its lifespan somewhat.
  • Does lack some of the advanced features found in other jogging strollers, like a dedicated suspension system, or a handbrake
  • Some features like the triangular footrest seem poorly thought-out
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It’s fair to say that the best jogging strollers all have a few key things in common. They’re almost all blessed with chunky, bicycle-style tires, plush seats, a low overall weight and a lightweight frame that’s designed to soak up the impact of uneven terrain.

That said, there’s enough variation in today’s selection to ensure that everyone can find a suitable model, irrespective of whether you’re a semi-professional runner, or a mum with twins who’s keen to get out there and burn some calories.

Hopefully, reading through the guide above will help you to pick out the perfect option for your parenting style, and get you out in the sun as soon as your baby is ready to start enjoying the great outdoors.