Having a little baby in your hands brings you immense joy. However, it also puts the burden of huge responsibilities on you. These little bundles of joy are blessings sent from heaven above, but they completely depend on you for their well-being. Therefore, it becomes your responsibility to think sensibly about each bit of information related to them.

Among many other things, it is very crucial to ensure that the sleeping area for your little one is comfortable. As your child’s resting place, the mattress is one of the most important factors in determining whether sleeping hours with be restful or completely uneasy.

Therefore, here we are going to discuss all the best crib mattresses to help you in choosing the best one for your baby.

Best Crib Mattresses Buying Guide 2019

If you have basic knowledge of an item you are going to purchase, it can add some serious assistance in choosing the right product. For that reason, we have provided some details regarding crib mattresses that will teach you more about them.

How Many Types of Crib Mattresses Are Available on The Market?

There are basically three types available on the market. These types include foam mattress, innerspring mattress, and organic mattresses.

Foam Mattress:

This is one of the lightest options for crib mattresses. You can get various thicknesses in these types of forms that usually vary between three and six inches. If you are going to purchase this foam, then check its density and firmness. Don’t buy foams that are too soft; they create a risk of suffocation or sudden infant death syndrome.

Innerspring Mattress:

There are coils inside the padding of this mattress, and the coils are completely covered with foam and fabric. This mattress is heavier and more expensive and when compared to other mattress options due to its steel coils and higher quality. Overall, these mattresses are firmer and more durable.

Organic Mattress:

These types of mattresses are manufactured from an organic and natural material, such as wool, cotton, coconut-fiber, food-grade polymers, natural latex, and plant-based foam. Organic mattresses can be innerspring or otherwise. Though these are quite expensive, many people purchase them for the sake of their child’s health. These products ensure infant health, as they are free of chemical. However, few infants show allergic reactions to natural latex, though exceptional cases do exist.

What Points Should I Consider While Purchasing a Crib Mattress?

You should consider the following points while purchasing a mattress for your infants:


Check the size of your crib mattress carefully before purchasing it. If the size is slightly smaller, it will leave some place at the sides that could be dangerous for your infant. You can purchase standard size mattress and cribs, however, check properly, as variations are always present in different products.


Firmness is a very important attribute for your infant’s mattress. However, for older children, normal firmness is just fine. Make sure to purchase a hard or purely firm crib mattress. You can check the firmness by pressing your hands against the mattress.


Make sure the mattress has enough density, as dense mattresses are firmer. In the case of innerspring mattresses, you can check the number of coils and the gauges of wire to estimate density. For foam mattresses, you can check the weight for a density estimation.


This attribute refers to the ability of the mattress to retain its shape when you press down on it. Make sure to purchase a mattress that retains its shape as soon as you take pressure off of it. This feature is important for infants, as they leave an impression while sleeping, and if the mattress doesn’t have any flexibility, these little guys would not be able to move from their position.


Mattress covers also have an important impact on the smoothness of your baby’s sleep. The cover should be made water resistant through double or triple shiny reinforced nylon.


Check for small holes at the side of the crib mattress. These small holes let the air flow in and out. This proper ventilation helps to keep the mattress odor-free.


Weight is also a very important attribute. Normal mattresses weigh 8 to 10 pounds. In the case of memory foam, the weight could be more. Innerspring mattresses are heaviest among all types. They weigh up to 15 pounds generally.


The mattress you purchased for your infant must be certified by reliable authorities. You can check the certifications of your product from the country you are purchasing it from.


Generally, mattresses offer spot-cleaning only. It will leave a smell as it is and you won’t feel comfortable with it. There are few mattresses available with removable and washable covers. If possible, purchase one of those.

Top 8 Best Crib Mattress 2019

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NameMaterialBest forWeight&DimensionsPrice
Milliard Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed MattressFoam+Waterproof CoverAllergy+ Asthma Sufferers▪ 11 lbs.
▪ 52”x27.5”x 5.5”
Dream On Me Pack N Play MattressFoam+VinylBabies’ Growing Bones▪ 3 lbs.
▪ 38”x26”x3”
Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Crib MattressMedical Grade FabricBabies and Toddlers▪ 11 lbs.
▪ 52”x27.5”x5”
Colgate Eco Classica III Crib MattressPlant Oil Foam+Cotton CoverGrowing Babies▪ 9.4 lbs.
▪ 51.7”x27.5”x6”
Newton Wovenaire Crib MattressAir+Food-Grade PolymerGrowing Infants and Toddlers▪ 11 lbs.
▪ 52”x28”x5.5”
Milliard Crib Mattress Dual Comfort SystemMemory Foam+CottonInfants and Toddlers▪ 11.2 lbs.
▪ 52”x 27.5”x 5.5
Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib MattressSoybean FoamInfants and Toddlers▪ 8.3 lbs.
▪ 51.6x27.2”x5”
My First Memory Foam Crib MattressPolyurethane foamInfants and Toddlers▪ 11.5 lbs.
▪ 52”x27.2”x5”

Milliard Crib and Toddler Bed Mattress

This toddler bed and crib mattress is a product of Milliard, which is a brand of the USA. With the polka dot style, it is made up of thick foam, along with a waterproof cover. These baby mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified and considered completely safe for babies and toddlers. This mattress comes in a size that can fit a standard size fitted crib sheet.

Milliard Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed MattressFeatures

These crib and toddler bed mattresses are manufactured by Milliard, which is in the US. Therefore, its quality meets all standards that are a specialty of US products. This product comes with an exclusive combination of foam that offers both comfort and safety to little ones. This mattress also comes with an unbreakable casing of waterproof material both at the top and sides. In the construction of this crib mattress, a 5.5” layer of bulky high-quality foam is used with a waterproof cover to make it supporting and soothing at the same time.

Despite being waterproof, it allows air and heat to flow on the bottom side. Additionally, the encasement present at its back side is manufactured with the chemical-free, anti-flammable material. This mattress contains a fiberglass lining that ensures fire safety, and it is free of chemicals and toxins.

This mattress ensures the safety of your kid through its natural resistance to allergens, bacteria, and dust mites. Therefore, it can be used safely for allergy sufferers. It also comes with the ability to allow maximum airflow to keep the temperature moderate during sleep. Furthermore, its special technology distributes weight evenly throughout the mattress while elevating the air circulation across it. This mattress maintains its shape through its highly dense foam construction.


  • As its casing is made up of waterproof material, may be convenient to use
  • Keep your baby safe and healthy due to being hypoallergenic and antimicrobial
  • With the help of design allowing maximum airflow, it keeps temperature well-regulated during baby’s sleep
  • Can keep your baby pain-free because of the contouring it forms at body curves


  • Waterproof cover may feel stiff to your baby
  • Cover is not machine-washable; need to wash it by hand


Dream On Me Pack N Play Mattress

This is also a US product and belongs to the innerspring category of crib mattresses. The manufacturing materials of this mattress are foam and vinyl. This product meets 16 CFR 1632/1633 Federal Flammability standards and ASTM standards, as well.

FeaturesDream On Me Pack N Play Mattress

This Dream On Me Pack N Play is made of 10% vinyl and 90% foam material. Like the previous item on our list, it is a product of the US. It is made completely safe for babies. It is completely free of lead and phthalates.

This mattress comes with air flow pockets to keep it fresh, and its perimeter border wires prevent it from sagging. Furthermore, it contains different essential cleaning features, like hypoallergenic components, an air flow system, and waterproof components. All these features combined keep your baby’s mattress clean and germ-free.

This product comes with a waterproof laminated cover that not only prevents stains, but also prevents liquid from leaking inside. With the help of this feature, your crib mattress stays free of odor, mold, and mildew. It also comes with a lock-stitched binding that keeps edges well-bonded and protects babies from different safety issues. Being a US product, it is manufactured with high-quality materials.


  • More comfortable for your kids, as it is innerspring mattress
  • With the help of reinforced-waterproof cover, can keep mattress free of liquid and stains
  • Prevent odor, mold, and mildew from leaking inside because of its waterproof and antibacterial lock stitch binding.
  • Keep its edges firm through its full border wires


  • Maybe slightly unhealthy for your babies due to presence of vinyl material

Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Crib Mattress

This Moonlight product is a dual-purpose mattress that can be used for both infants and toddlers. It is manufactured from a medical grade safe material that is free from all types of chemicals. It is GreenGuard and CertiPUR Certified.

Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Crib MattressFeatures

This Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer crib mattress comes with a dual side sleep system. With this system, you can use this mattress during two different stages of your growing infant. Its one side is made up of an eco-friendly, firm, and plant-based foam material that can fulfill your infant’s requirements. When your infant enters the toddler stage, flip it and make use of its extra soft and plush side for your toddlers.

The quality of this mattress is elevated through the use of medical grade fabric, which is waterproof and contains sturdy stretch knit fabric, along with tightly-sewn seams. Furthermore, it is certified to be free from toxic materials and flame-retardant chemicals. It also has little impact on the indoor environment due to its lower VOC.

This mattress offers you great ease-of-use by containing 100% waterproof and hypoallergenic materials that make it super easy to clean. It also contains SafeSewn Seams that keep it free of bed bugs and dust mites. This mattress is made available for customers after going through extensive testing from a third-party to ensure its durability, safety, and good performance.


  • With dual surface, can serve your infant and toddler at the same time
  • Stay tension-free while being used due to medical grade material
  • Convenient while cleaning because of its waterproof material
  • With the help of its stretch knit fabric and additional sewn seams, offers great durability


  • Expensive
  • Though stiffness good for babies, it may become uncomfortable for them

Colgate Eco Classica III Crib Mattress

This crib mattress offers dual firmness for infants and toddlers. The cover is made of pure cotton. It is an environment-friendly product that has passed all indoor air quality standards. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Colgate Eco Classica III Crib Mattress


The Colgate Eco Classica III crib mattress is a standard size product with an orthopedic style. It comes with a thickness of 6”, and it has dual firmness. It has two different sides with different firmness features, which allow you to make your mattress perfect for your baby in its infant age, as well as during its toddler years. Infants need more firmness, and toddlers need comfort, and this mattress ensures both.

It is a lightweight foam crib mattress can be fit on all standard size toddler beds and cribs. It also comes with squared corners, along with an inverted seam design that makes the foam able to be fit snugly on your baby’s crib. The inverted seam design also makes it appear glossy. The cover is made of certified organic cotton with waterproof backing. This will not only protect your baby’s skin, but will keep the mattress foam clean and odor-free.

The core of this crib mattress is manufactured from ecologically-friendly foam that is created using plant oil instead of petroleum-based oils. This foam is Cert-PUR-US certified, which ensures good health in your baby. It is also certified to have no air emissions that are harmful to health.


  • Offer a great cozy fitting due to squared corners and inverted seam design
  • Convenient to carry, because it is lightweight
  • Can use for both your infant and toddler as offers different firmness
  • Soft and safe option for your baby due to its cotton cover


  • Slightly firmer for toddlers
  • Creates noise when baby turns on it


Newton Wovenaire Crib Mattress

The Newton Wovenaire is a product of the USA, as well. It is manufactured from washable, breathable, and hypoallergenic materials. It is Greengard Gold certified and is recommended by pediatricians.

Newton Wovenaire Crib MattressFeatures

This Newton Wovenaire crib mattress is created using the latest technology; it is beyond organic in its benefits. The most distinguished health benefit is the fact that it is 100% breathable. Your baby can completely breathe through these mattresses. Thus, they ensure the safety of your baby through minimizing the risk of suffocation and overheating.

This mattress contains washable and hypoallergenic features. Unlike other mattresses, you can wash it with great ease. It is not only free of latex, springs, glue, and allergens, but it is also free of foam. It can be used for both infants and toddlers. It means you can use it for a longer time.

The innovative design of this mattress ensures your baby safety, comfort, and good health. The core is made of 90% air and 10% food-grade polymer, which makes it a super safe option for your baby. The layers of lightweight, breathable fabric are attached together in an adorable cloud pattern which creates soft air pillows. With free-flowing air within it, the temperature is regulated in this mattress. The size of it can fit all standard size cribs.


  • With the help of its breathable material, can keep chances of suffocation and overheating to a minimum.
  • Convenient to keep clean due to its washable material
  • Economical for you because of its 2-stage use
  • With the help of its Wovenairecore, can offer your baby the comfort of latex or other foam without harming them


  • Cover of this mattress is slightly rough, especially for babies who rub their face on their bed


Milliard Crib Dual Comfort System

This mattress is a Milliard product with a dual firmness feature to be used for both toddlers and infants. Its cover is manufactured from pure 100% cotton, and the inner foam is made of polyurethane. This mattress meets all safety and regulatory rules of the USA.

FeaturesMilliard Crib Mattress Dual Comfort System

This mattress is also a product of Milliard. The most distinguished feature of this dual comfort system is the ability to change its firmness. One side of the mattress is specifically manufactured for infants and is firmer, and the other side is made for toddlers and is softer and plusher. This way, it grows with your baby.

This mattress also contains a supporting foam layer, which keeps your infant safe, and the other side has a layer of contouring memory foam, giving support to your toddler to maintain a proper posture of the neck and back. The cover is manufactured from 100% cotton. Its cover material is breathable and waterproof, as well. Both of these features ensure breathability for babies and convenience for parents.

The size of this crib mattress is perfect for all standard size cribs and toddler beds. It also comes with the confirmation of meeting all quality and safety standards of US.


  • You can stay tension-free regarding its cleanliness with the help of its machine washable and water-resistant cover,
  • Its dual firmness can serve your child both at infant and toddler age
  • With the help of its contouring memory foam, can keep your toddler’s body posture well-maintained
  • Your baby will feel super comfortable with this mattress due to polyurethane foam


  • Covers contain quite a small zipper that may seem fragile
  • After unpacking the mattress for the first time, may smell for a few days


Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress

This dual firmness mattress is manufactured from core hypoallergenic soybean foam, along with a cotton cover. It is CertiPUR-US, and Greengard Gold certified. It is a product of the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty. It can withstand a maximum weight of 60 pounds.

Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib MattressFeatures

The Sealy Soybean Foam-Core comes with unique features regarding its manufacturing. The core is made of high-density Soy Bean foam. Its developers utilize renewable soybeans to make a foam mattress for toddlers and infants. It contains a mixture of both natural and renewable soybeans that are grown on American farms. Due to using this natural material, these mattresses offer the features of additional firmness, durability, and lightweight.

As this mattress is manufactured completely from CertiPUR-US certified materials, it is free of phthalates, lead, mercury, PBDEs, formaldehyde, TDCPP, and TCEP flame retardants. The absence of all these components makes it completely safe and healthy for your infant.

The cover is made to be waterproof, and lock-stitched binding is used on it. These features keep this mattress stain-free and prevent liquid from leaking inside. This prevents dust mites, allergens, and bed bugs from affecting your baby’s mattress.

This mattress is available for delivery after passing extensive testing regarding its firmness, durability, size-adjustment, and health effects. It has passed all tests and becomes one of the most purchased.


  • Highly comfortable for your baby because of its cotton cover
  • With the help of its locked-stitch binding, may prevent liquid from seeping inside
  • Convenient for you to change its sheet as it is lightweight
  • Due to square corner design, may fit snuggly on standard size crib


  • No clear indication or difference present on the mattress for the side manufactured specifically for infant or toddlers
  • Maybe less comfortable for toddlers

My First Memory Foam Crib Mattress

It is a memory foam crib mattress along with the removable cover. It is manufactured from CertiPUR-US certified Polyurethane foam, and meets federal flammability and CPSC standards. It comes in the quilted style cover.

FeaturesMy First Memory Foam Crib Mattress

My First Memory Foam crib mattress is manufactured from CertiPUR-US certified supple polyurethane foam. The size dimensions are 51-5/8”x27-1/4”x5”, and it can fit perfectly on all standard size baby cribs.

The quilted cover is removable, which makes washing easy and convenient. Its cover is also waterproof, which will prevent liquids from seeping inside This will help keep it odor-free. This mattress is usable by both infants and toddlers.

This mattress is also made hypoallergenic with the additional features of being mite-proof and being free of anti-microbial, lead, and phthalate. All these features ensure the good health and safety of your baby. All materials used in the manufacturing of this mattress are of high quality and meet different quality standards.


  • As it is a noise-free mattress, will allow restful nights for both you and your baby
  • A safe mattress option for you due to hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, phthalate and lead-free attributes
  • Convenient with its removable and washable quilted cover
  • Lighter in weight compared to traditional crib mattresses


  • Bit hard during first uses, especially in cold weather


It is very important to purchase the right product for your infant. As they are in their growing age, very minute details can put a huge impact on their health and growth. By having sound and smooth sleep, an infant can grow properly. Also, among all age groups, infants sleep the most.

We have provided a list of a few of the best crib mattresses, along with their reviews. A brief guideline has also been provided for your assistance. All mattresses offer few distinguishing features. However, according to us, the Newton Wovenaire crib mattress is the best among all of those listed, as it is lightweight, has 90% air filling, is easily washable, and is free of harmful chemicals.