Babies are very fragile and are a huge responsibility. Parents understand the different gadgets that are used to ensure the baby remains comfortable along with the parents. One such device is a thermometer for babies.

Regular temperature-monitoring thermometers are made of glass and have mercury inside of them that indicates temperature, which may not be accurate or safe for babies. Thermometers for children are reliable and do not require long to process the body temperature.

We have compiled this particular discussion board for baby thermometers to inform new parents or parents who are new to the idea of thermometers for their young ones. Take a look at our buying guide to help understand the targeted specifications that need to be focused on to buy the right product.

Following the buying guide are the product reviews, which will help you understand the various baby thermometers on the market.

Baby Thermometer Buying Guide

The following is a brief guide to help costumers understand the primary areas to focus on while buying a thermometer for their baby.

Which Type of Thermometer Is the Best for a Baby

Take a look at the following types of thermometers for young ones:

Rectal Thermometers

These may not be suitable for toddlers since they may not like the idea and they may move around, causing injury. This method also disturbs the infant while they are sleeping.

Multiuse Thermometer

These can be used orally, rectally, or via the armpits. They provide maximum precision and are the most reasonable. However, this thermometer may disturb the child when using it to take their temperature.

Forehead Thermometers

These usually use infrared technology to scan for a fever. They provide accurate readings and are suitable for all ages. However, for children under three months, you may want to recheck your child’s temperature with a rectal thermometer.

Ear Thermometer

The ear thermometer is a device that painlessly scans the ear canal with infrared to check the temperature. They are safe and quick, but they require correct positioning in the ear. They are suitable for children over six months.

Underarm Thermometers

These thermometers are cheap and widely available. They are suitable for children of all ages; however, they do not provide accurate results.

What to Look for While Buying A Device?

The following are two main aspects that you need to consider while buying the right thermometer for your child:

Is it appropriate for my child’s age?

Each method of measuring a body fever is dependent on the age. Check the user manual of the device to ensure that it is safe your child and convenient for you.

Will this method be favorable for my child?

Another essential aspect to keep in mind is whether your child will approve the method by which you are measuring the fever. In most cases, toddlers are more likely to protest everything. Think of your child’s nature before buying the device.

What Is The Estimated Cost?

You can find the most expensive thermometer on the market, and it may be a fantastic fit. However, it can also be a rip-off. The following are a few ideal prices for different types of thermometers that you can purchase.

  • Oral, rectal, and underarm thermometers can be up to 10 bucks.
  • Forehead thermometers can range from 25 to 100 bucks depending on the quality.
  • Ear thermometers can cost from 15 to 60 bucks on average. Those that are more expensive may not be worth the extra money.

Are Mercury Thermometers an Option

Mercury thermometers are not at all an option, especially for babies. Even though they are the most common, researchers say that they are dangerous. They can break and cause the mercury to vaporize, which in turn creates toxic fumes. Also, since they are made of glass, they are easy to break when a child is involved.

Medical professionals and researchers have widely thrown out the idea of mercury thermometers for children and adults. If you happen to find one that is below your budget, then do not buy it, as it can be a health hazard to you and your baby.

Top 8 Best Baby Thermometers 2019

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NameUsed atBest forFeaturesPrice
Metene Medical ThermometerForehead, EarInfants, Toddlers, Adults▪ CE and FDA approved
▪ 20 readings memory
▪ 30-day money back guarantee
▪ Dual mode (Forehead or ear)
▪ 1 second measurement
iProvèn Baby Ear ThermometerForehead, EarInfants, Toddlers ▪ Clinically tested
▪ FDA approved
▪ 20 readings memory
▪ 100-day money back guarantee
▪ Dual mode (Forehead or ear)
▪ 1 second measurement
Reetek Digital Infrared ThermometerForeheadInfants▪ CE and FDA approved
▪ 20 readings memory
▪ Two temp mode
▪ 60-day money back guarantee
▪ Dual mode (Forehead or Objective)
▪ 1 second measurement
PrSung Infrared ThermometerForehead, EarToddlers, Adults▪ Color conversion
▪ Two temp mode
▪ 20 readings memory
▪ Dual mode (Forehead or ear)
▪ Fever alarm
▪ Stay away from water
IEKA Baby Thermometer Forehead, EarToddlers, Adults▪ FDA approved
▪ 20 readings memory
▪ 12-month guarantee
▪ Dual mode (Forehead or ear)
▪ 1 second measurement
▪ Two temp mode
▪ Stay away from water
Gear District Clinical Digital ThermometerArmpits, Oral, Rectal, BasalAdults, Pets, ▪ CE and FDA approved
▪ Free 10 disposable probes
▪ Disposable probe covers
▪ Two temp mode
▪ Fast 10-second reading
▪ Waterproof
▪ Flexible tip
Sanpu Ear and Forehead ThermometerForehead, Ear Infants, Toddlers ▪ CE and FDA approved
▪ 20 readings memory
▪ 12-month money back guarantee
▪ Dual mode (Forehead or ear)
▪ Stay away from water
Friendly18 Medical Digital ThermometerOral, Armpit, RectalInfants, Adults, Toddlers▪ CE and FDA approved
▪ Two temp mode
▪ Waterproof
▪ Flexible tip

Metene Medical Thermometer(#1 Best seller)

The Metene thermometer measures body temperature through the forehead and ear. It is perfect for infants, toddlers, and even adults. With clinical coverage, it gives users a more satisfying result. Digital readings allow precision and a better idea of temperature. Parents find this to be very convenient for use on their children, since it does not take a lot of time to display the temperature, and the accuracy is uncanny.

Metene Medical ThermometerFeatures:

The Metene medical thermometer is a very convenient, new-age thermometer that is perfect for children of all ages. With some different elements, this product provides convenience and satisfaction to its users.

The most significant aspect is that you will obtain readings digitally, which provides more accurate results. Also, the readings can be stored in the memory for further comparisons that can be viewed at any time. This product is approved by the FDA due to its accuracy. You can use it on the forehead or the ear to check body temperature.

With a smooth switch button, you can enjoy the versatility this offers you. If you are still not satisfied with the product within 30 days, you can replace, as a 30-day cash back guarantee is included with your purchase. The manufacturer also provides a one-year warranty on the thermometer. The thermometer is portable and comes with a case, so you can take it anywhere you like.


  • Approved by the FDA for consistency and reliability
  • Can store up to 20 readings in its memory
  • Easy switch from forehead to ear readings
  • Digital display allows accuracy of the product


  • Cannot switch reading between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • No sanitary swabs included, so must buy them yourself

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iProvèn Baby Ear Thermometer(Best safe choice) 

This baby ear thermometer is the perfect way to measure and monitor your baby’s body temperature through their ear and forehead. Its digital display allows parents the satisfaction of getting a more accurate result than a manual reading does. The product enhances its purpose with calibration technology, making it like no other.


iProvèn Baby Ear Thermometer

The baby ear thermometer is a simple device that is accurate and is not complicated to use. It can be used on the forehead, as well as in the ear, so it is quite convenient. The digital display allows users to monitor their child’s temperature with accuracy.

The calibration technology allows the temperature to be measured accurately in as fast as a second. The product is clinically tested and is marked safe by medical professionals. The product also uses infrared technology to read the temperature.

The screen comes with a backlight, so you do not need to worry about the display when in the dark. You are also alerted of any abnormality in body temperature, which makes it easier to use. Carry it anywhere with its pouch and store up to20 readings of body temperature to compare them as you like.


  • Screen has a backlight that allows users to see in the dark
  • Can quickly switch to forehead and ear methods of measurement
  • Get reading in only about a second
  • Will be alarmed in case of a fever


  • Infrared can be harmful to the child’s skin cells
  • Temperature units not readily switched from Fahrenheit to Celsius

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Reetek Baby Digital Infrared Thermometer

This baby digital infrared thermometer by Reetek is a classic thermometer that has been modernized to make it easier for parents to use. It is an ideal gadget to use on children since it requires absolutely no contact at all.

This product is very easy to use, and it is specially designed for parents that would like to measure their child’s temperature without causing discomfort to them.

Reetek Baby Digital Infrared ThermometerFeatures:

This baby digital thermometer measures temperature through the forehead. It is hygienic, as it requires no contact at all. The sensitive infrared technology measures body heat without requiring any contact with the child. There is no need to cause discomfort to your child while checking for a fever.

You can store up to 20 readings in the digital memory, so you can compare illnesses as you are required to do. Not only can you measure human body temperature, but you can also measure the temperature of an object with just a click of a button. You can quickly change the units of temperature, and you can get a reading almost instantly.

The unique designprovides more convenience in scanning for temperature and makes it very attractive, as well. The company offers a 60-day money back guarantee, along with a one-year replacement warrantyin case the product is not up to par.


  • Requires no contact whatsoever
  • Has both temperature units to measure
  • Can givereadings of objects, as well as of the human body
  • CE and FDA approved for its reliability


  • Needs to be kept at room temperature for half an hour before use, which can cause inconvenience
  • Not ideal for traveling, since needs time to be prepared


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PrSung Infrared Thermometer

The PrSung infrared thermometer is a straightforward design that is simple to use. It uses digital technology to check temperature through the ear and the forehead. With a simple push of a button, you can choose the mode that is most suitable for you.

Using sensitive infrared technology, you can check body temperature efficiently and with accuracy and reliability.

PrSung Infrared ThermometerFeatures:

The PrSung infrared technology allows parents of young children a little more convenience when measuring their child’s body temperature, as the parent doesn’t have to enforce any contact that may disturb them. With a digital display, you will find it easier to read the screen. This product also features a backlight, which allows users to view the screen no matter how much light there is.

Not only will you find a fever alarm ringing when the temperature is higher than normal, but the backlight will also change color to further warn of an abnormal temperature. Parents can then understand when the fever is most dangerous for the child. Both temperature units can be set according to your desire. The simple design is for simple use; you will have no complications with this device.

The earpiece comes with a natural cover to keep it safe and hygienic. Without contact with any humans, you will find this thermometer to be safe and sanitary all the time.


  • Requires no contact to skin, no matter what mode you use
  • Can use it on forehead and ear without touching the child
  • Sound and backlight alarms go off when the fever is high
  • Can use all units of temperature with easy switch


  • Will need to prepare the ear by cleaning it and straightening before checking the temperature
  • Forehead needs to be keenly dry and clean before the scan takes place

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IEKA Baby Thermometer(Most professional) 

The baby thermometer by Ieka is another one-of-a-kind thermometer that is designed to be of highly convenient for parents and medical professionals to use on children. It can also be used by adults. The easy switch allows consumers to choose whether to check the temperature through the forehead or the ear.

IEKA Baby Thermometer Features:

The Ieka baby thermometer allows users to measure the body temperature digitally for increased accuracy. You can choose whether to read it in Celsius or Fahrenheit as per your choice.

With the infrared built into the device, you can scan the forehead to read the temperature without any body contact, or you can examine the ear canal to get a temperature. The canal is not recommended for children under 1 for safety purposes. With the backlight, you can read the temperature in the dark, as well, and with a memory capacity of 20 readings, you can view the previous readings.

In about one second, you will find yourself with accurate results. To save power and protect the reading that was taken, the thermometer automatically shuts down in 30 seconds. The company also promises a 12-month warranty for the device.


  • Dual method of checking the temperature(with forehead and ear)
  • Double units of temperature for reading (Celsius and Fahrenheit)
  • Saves previous 20 readings automatically
  • Automatically shuts off after 30 seconds


  • Not for infants
  • No fever indicator in the product

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Gear District Clinical Digital Thermometer(Best for all ages )

Medical professionals mostly use the clinical digital thermometer because of its simple and sleek design. It can be used in multiple ways, and it shows the temperature digitally. This thermometer is an all-in-one and is perfect for a household with people of all ages.

Gear District Clinical Digital ThermometerFeatures:

This clinical digital thermometer is a modern thermometer which is made using a traditional design. It can be used to measure temperature orally, rectally, basally, and by the armpits. The small plastic probes that come with the device help to keep the equipment sanitized for human beings and pets.

The display is digital, which ensures precise results. This product is approved by the FDA, CE, and ISO, and it passes the highest standards of safety and precision. The tip is made to be flexible for increased durability and ease in using.

You can display the last temperature taken from the memory of the thermometer. This clinical thermometer is waterproof, and it shuts off after some time to save power. The pack also consists of 10 FDA approved probes.


  • Can be used to take temperature from multiple areas
  • Comes with probes that ensure it remains sanitary
  • Waterproof to clean and sanitize
  • Tip is flexible to help take the temperature precisely and help in rigidity


  • Takes 10 seconds to show temperature
  • Can only save one reading in memory

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Sanpu Ear and Forehead Thermometer

The Sanpu ear and forehead thermometer is a smart design that can help you take your baby’s temperaturequickly. It has four features in one thermometer, so it is very useful to have in every house.

The slim and straightforward design of this thermometer is also one of the reasons people love it more than others.

SANPU Ear and Forehead ThermometerFeatures:

The Sanpu ear and forehead thermometer is perfect for babies and parents that do not like complications in a device. The smart design allows users to measure temperature through the forehead and ear, as is also offered by many other brands. However, the conversion is through merely installing and removing the ear probe.

The non-contact infrared technology helps in keeping the product sanitized and hygienic for everyone. The design further allows users to choose the required unit of temperature, and it also has a clock that is built in for convenience. The product is CE and FDA approved, which makes it more trustworthy for customers.

This device also has an alert system for when the temperature reaches thefever level. The company provides the customers with a 12-month warranty on the product.


  • Can change modes by removing and installing the ear probe
  • Displays a clock and two units of temperatures
  • CE and FDA approved
  • Can be cleaned with a soft dry cloth easily


  • Not water or any liquid proof
  • Takesa few seconds to show the readings

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Friendly18 Medical Digital Thermometer

This digital thermometer is ideal for doctors that need a thermometer for patients of different ages. The structure is small and lightweight, and it passes all health standards and tests. With increased durability and flexible design, you can use this thermometer without any complications.

Friendly18 Medical Digital ThermometerFeatures:

This medical and digital thermometer is excellent for clinics and also for use in your house. It is packed with features and suited for people of all ages, including babies. In about 10 to 15 seconds, you will get the reading on a digital screen that is big and clear for you to read. An ultra-sensitive microchip is fit into the top to allow accurate results all the time.

It can be used orally, rectally, or by the armpit. This product has a flexible tip, which will enable users to enjoy durability while using this product. The product is waterproof and is designed to record previous temperatures that have been taken.

You can view the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit– whichever suits you best. The device also alarms users in case of a fever. The company provides a 30-day unconditional refund if the product is not up to par.


  • Can be used via the mouth, rectum, and armpits to read the temperature
  • Ultra-sensitive microchip gives precise digital reading
  • The machine is waterproof to help sanitization
  • Alarms in case of a fever


  • Takes as long as 15 seconds to view readings
  • Does not have backlight

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By looking at the detailed discussion above, hopefully, you now have an idea about how they a baby thermometer should be chosen and how different products have their own styles and features. Babies tend to get sick the most in their first year of life, and every new parent needs an accurate thermometer that helps in checking their condition regularly. Investing in a good thermometer is crucial for you and your child.