On the face of it, you might think that pacifiers are pretty simple and are all the same. But, this definitely isn’t the case. The best baby pacifiers have specific design features that allow them to help your baby’s dental development.

There are different types of pacifiers which are better for newborns, for breastfed babies, for preemies, and for teething babies and toddlers.

If this makes you a little nervous about choosing the right pacifier for your baby, you don’t need to worry. We have a buying guide and some product reviews that will help you navigate the different types of pacifiers and decide on the perfect one.

Best Baby Pacifiers Buying Guide

This guide will help you decide on what your baby needs from a pacifier, and how to find the perfect product to match your little one’s requirements.

Which Type of Pacifier Is Best for Baby?

Many pacifiers are made with specific purposes in mind. This makes it hard to say which pacifier is best overall.

The best advice is to decide on the type of pacifier your baby needs (whether a teething pacifier, a preemie pacifier, etc.) and then look within those groups to find the one that best suits your little one.

What to Look for in a Pacifier?

When looking for a pacifier, regardless of its purpose, it is in your best interest to look for three main features. These are:

Orthodontic design

The word orthodontic means that the pacifier has been designed to fit perfectly into your baby’s mouth. This way, it will help your baby’s development, letting his or her mouth grow naturally. Without this, awkward pressure might cause dental issues later in life.


Since you put a pacifier into your baby’s mouth, you want to be sure it is free from harmful chemicals. Arguably the most important thing to look for in a pacifier is a material that is BPA-free.

Ease of cleaning

Again, since you put a pacifier into your baby’s mouth, you want to be sure that it is free of any germs and bacteria. Make sure that any pacifier you consider is easy to clean and sterilize.

How Much Can I Expect to Pay?

Fortunately, pacifiers are among the more affordable baby products. You can expect to pay anywhere from just a couple of dollars at the lower end of the scale to around 15 dollars at the higher end.

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NameBest forFeaturesPrice
WubbaNub Infant PacifierNewborns▪Features Philips Soothie
▪Latex and BPA-free
Tommee Tippee PacifierNewborns▪BPA-free
▪Mimics bottle teat
Natursutten Natural Rubber PacifierBreastfed Babies▪100% natural
▪Simulates breastfeeding
Philips Avent SootherBreastfed Babies▪BPA-free
JollyPop Preemie PacifiersPreemies▪Perfect for preemies
▪100% soft silicone
▪Easy to sanitize
Wee Thumbie Preemie PacifierPreemies▪BPA-free
▪Smart design
▪Helps nurture feeding instinct
MAM Air Orthodontic PacifierToddlers, Teething Babies▪Hygienic design
▪Soft silicone
Baby Fresh Food FeederToddlers, Teething Babies▪Designed for teething
▪No harmful substances
▪Easy to sanitize

WubbaNub Infant Pacifier – best for newborns

The WubbaNub is an excellent pacifier for newborns. Its claim to fame: an adorable plush toy attached to the end of the pacifier. This simple but smart design is a gift to parents and the pacifier itself is one of the best on the market today, trusted by hospitals and baby units across the country.

WubbaNub Infant Pacifier - Giraffe

  • Features:

 The main feature of this pacifier is definitely the plush toy that is attached to the back of it. This particular WubbaNub features a plush giraffe, but the company offers a wide variety of plush animals. These include penguins, puppies, hippos, turtles, longhorn bulls, and even dinosaurs–more than enough choice to keep your little one amused.

The concept of attaching a plush toy to a pacifier might seem like a gimmick to you at first, but that’s just because you don’t yet know what a lifesaver the WubbaNub actually is.

For starters, these pacifiers are difficult to lose. If they do fall out of your little one’s mouth, they don’t bounce away into the land of lost binkies. They stay where they land, making them easy to find.

The plush attachment also makes them easy to find in the middle of the night if you are scrambling around in the dark. And, because you don’t need a clip-on pacifier holder, you don’t risk making holes or dimples in your baby’s clothes.

Philips Avent Soothie for babies of 0-3mthThe WubbaNub uses a Philips Avent Soothie for the actual pacifier part of the product. This is a latex-free pacifier that is medical grade. In fact, Philips Soothies are widely used in hospitals and medical centers nationwide. So, you can be sure that you’ll be giving your baby a safe product.

Philips Soothies are also classed as orthodontic, which is important for your baby’s dental development.

The one notable downside of the WubbaNub pacifiers is that the pacifier doesn’t detach from the plush toy. This makes cleaning slightly more challenging, but not impossible. WubbaNub actually gives you a simple cleaning guide in the FAQ section of its website.

As far as price goes, WubbaNub pacifiers might be a little more expensive than regular pacifiers. But, because you’ll lose fewer of them, you end up saving a lot in the long run. Plus, they double as a soft toy, so you can save money in that department as well.


  • Difficult to lose
  • Features hospital-grade silicone
  • Free from latex and BPA
  • Supports dental development
  • Very durable
  • Doubles as a plush toy


  • Pacifier doesn’t disconnect from plush animal
  • More expensive than regular pacifiers
  • Should be hand-washed to preserve quality

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Everyday Pacifier

This pacifier is an excellent choice for newborns. With a clever design and all of the right features, this is an excellent all-round pacifier for your little one.

  • Features:

Aside from being adorable to look at, Tommee Tippee pacifiers do an excellent job. They are well designed on all fronts, from style to safety.Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Everyday Pacifier

Importantly, these pacifiers are orthodontic, which is crucial to the proper development of your baby’s mouth. But, unlike some other orthodontic pacifiers, the nipples on these pacifiers are completely symmetrical.

This symmetry plays into the ‘Closer to Nature’ tag. These pacifiers are marketed as having nipples that resemble baby bottles – which is great if your baby is bottle fed. But, the symmetrical teat is also closer to the feeling of natural breastfeeding, making this pacifier perfect for breastfed babies as well.

As far as style and safety go, Tommee Tippee’s products are great. They are BPA-free to ensure that your baby is not ingesting any harmful chemicals. And, style-wise, the little pictures on the pacifier guards are absolutely delightful.

But, what’s really great about these pacifiers is that babies love them. Even babies that are reluctant to accept other types of pacifiers will often take to these immediately.

One downside, however, is that these pacifiers are on the soft side. This makes them very comfortable for your little one, but might mean that they don’t last as long as some more durable products. The same goes for the cute little decals, which, understandably, do start to rub off with use.


  • BPA-free
  • Orthodontic design
  • Baby-approved


  • Less durable than some other brands
  • The decals suffer from wear and tear

Natursutten Natural Rubber Pacifier

 Natursutten’s Pacifier is absolutely ideal for breastfed babies. It is 100% natural and totally safe for your baby, plus it is designed to work well with the breastfeeding process.

  • Features:

Natursutten BPA-Free Natural Rubber PacifierThis particular pacifier has all the right elements when it comes to hygiene, dental development, and feel.

Being 100% rubber, it is free from the chemicals that appear in some mass-produced pacifiers. It contains no BPA, PVC, phthalates, artificial coloring, and other harmful products. Also, being natural rubber, it is exceptionally soft, and contains no chemical softeners in order to make it that way.

This pacifier features an orthodontic nipple, which is great for dental development. This ensures that your baby’s mouth grows in the way that is supposed to.

Also, the pacifier’s guard was designed with nature in mind. Being longer than most guards, it touches your baby’s nose while it is in place. This simulates the sensation of breastfeeding, making this a perfect pacifier for a breastfeeding baby.

Natursutten BPA-Free Natural Rubber PacifierAnother bonus is that the entire pacifier is made from one mold. This means that it is one piece and is free from cracks and joints where germs can lurk. Because of this, it is very easy to keep clean and hygienic. Plus, it can stand up to boiling water, which makes it a dream to sanitize.

However, being made from natural rubber, it is not safe to put in the dishwasher. So, if you don’t like cleaning things by hand, you might not enjoy this pacifier.

Another slight downside is the price, which is slightly on the higher side. Still if you want the safety and benefits that come with natural rubber, it’s worth the few extra dollars.


  • All-natural
  • Hygienic design
  • Simulates breastfeeding
  • Orthodontic design


  • Not safe for dishwashers
  • Slightly more expensive

Philips Avent Soother – best for breastfed babies

 The Philips Avent Soother is a perfect pacifier for breastfed babies. It is specially designed to promote dental development, it is safe to use, and it is easy to clean.

  • Features:

Philips AVENT Translucent Orthodontic Infant PacifierThe Philips Avent Soother makes use of a classic design, so it might seem unimpressive at first glance. But, if you look at all of its features, it has everything you would possibly want from a breastfed baby pacifier.

Let’s start at the most important part of a pacifier – the nipple.

The Avent Soother makes use of a completely symmetrical teat, which is a more familiar feeling for a breastfed baby. Also, it ensures that nothing changes in terms of dental development if your baby drops the pacifier and then puts it back into his or her mouth upside down.

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Speaking of dental development, the teat is collapsible so that it can perfectly mold to the inside of your baby’s mouth. This helps encourage the natural development of your baby’s palate, gums, and teeth.

Philips AVENT Translucent Orthodontic Infant PacifierPhilips’ Soothers are easy to clean and can go in the dishwasher if you wish. It is, however, important to sterilize them after a trip through the dishwasher. But, they respond very well to sterilization, so that is one less thing to worry about. Plus, they’re BPA-free.

These pacifiers also come with a snap-on cap to preserve hygiene. This is really helpful if you want to throw one in your bag and take your little one out for the day.


  • Orthodontic design
  • BPA-free
  • Includes hygienic cap
  • Easy to clean


  • Colors come at random

JollyPop Preemie Pacifiers – best for preemies

JollyPop have a wonderfully soft and safe pacifier that is perfect for preemies. This pacifier is slightly smaller than regular ones to suit your smaller baby, and it is specially designed to be comfortable for your little one’s mouth.

  • Features:

JollyPop Pacifiers PREEMIE for premature babyMost importantly, JollyPop’s pacifier for preemies is sized correctly. This is a crucial feature because it can be frustratingly difficult to find the right size pacifier for a premature baby.

The nipple is specially designed to be shorter as well as thinner than regular sized pacifiers. That being said, it still might be long enough to cause gagging if your baby’s mouth is very small.

But, even if the comfort of the design is not ideal for all babies, there is no faulting the comfort of the material.The pacifier itself is made from 100% silicone, making it wonderfully soft and flexible.

Also on the comfort front, the JollyPop pacifier’s guard is nicely shaped to fit the curve of your baby’s face. And, because it is silicone as well, you don’t have to worry about a hard plastic guard hurting your preemie.

Being molded from one piece of silicone gives JollyPop’s pacifier some hygiene benefits as well. Since there are no joints or cracks for bacteria to grow in, it is very easy to keep this little pacifier clean and sanitized.

JollyPop Pacifiers PREEMIE for premature babyAlso, when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing, the silicone holds up really well. You are able to boil this pacifier to sterilize it and put it in the dishwasher to clean it.

But, as durable as it is, it is specifically for babies without teeth. If your baby is teething, it is better to buy a pacifier that is purpose-built to withstand the constant chewing.


  • Ideal size for preemies
  • 100% silicone for added comfort
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe to use


  • Not for teething babies
  • Teat can be too long for tiny mouths

Wee Thumbie – Philips Aqua Preemie Pacifier

The Wee Thumbie is a wonderful pacifier made especially for preemies born under 30 weeks’ gestation. This pacifier is specifically designed to simulate a thumb in order to nurture the thumb-sucking behavior that your baby would normally develop in the womb.

  • Features:

Wee Thumbie - Philips Purple Preemie PacifierIt is important for babies to suck their thumbs while still in utero. This is because it helps them get used to the sucking reflex which they will need in order to feed after they are born. But, some preemies are born before they have a chance to fully develop this instinct, which can make feeding challenging.

The Philips Aqua Pacifier helps your baby develop this skill after they are born by mimicking a thumb. Made to be the perfect size and shape of a preemie thumb, this pacifier might just be responsible for helping your baby learn to feed properly.

But, the thoughtful design doesn’t stop there. The pacifier’s nipple is carefully shaped to stay in your baby’s mouth, as it can be difficult for preemies to keep pacifiers from falling out. Also, the guard is specially designed to make room for nasal tubing (as this pacifier is often used in hospitals).

Safety-wise, the Wee Thumbie is BPA-free. So, you can be sure that you aren’t subjecting your little one to anything harmful. And, it is safe to go in boiling water for sterilization.

But, because this pacifier is built with a specific purpose in mind, it doesn’t last forever. Philips recommends checking for cracks before each use, and advises you to replace the Wee Thumbie after 4 weeks of use.


  • Unique design
  • Well-shaped teat
  • BPA-free


  • Lasts around a month

MAM Air Orthodontic Pacifier – best for toddlers

This pacifier is specifically made for babies 6 months and up. It is made of durable silicone, making it the perfect pacifier for teething babies and toddlers.

  • Features:

MAM Air Orthodontic PacifierThis orthodontic pacifier features a symmetrical nipple designed to fit comfortably in your baby’s mouth and promote healthy development of the palate, gums, and teeth. Made of durable silicone, it is intended to stand up the abuse of teething.

In addition to being sturdy, the nipple features an anti-slip texture which helps keep the pacifier from falling out of your baby’s mouth.

Another great feature is the guard, which features a lot of open space. This is to get maximum airflow to your baby’s skin. It also keeps saliva from building up on the inside of the guard.

This pacifier is BPA-free, which means that it’s safe to use. And, as far as cleaning goes, it can be sterilized in boiling water or even in the microwave, making it convenient to use.

The only possible downside of this pacifier is that the nipple has a ventilation system which can cause water to get trapped inside it. This can make it difficult to sanitize.


  • Airflow design
  • Ultra-soft silicone
  • Orthodontic


  • Can trap water

Baby Fresh Food Feeder

The clever little pacifier is great for teething and, at the same time, helps you introduce solid foods into your baby’s diet.

  • Features:

Baby Fresh Food FeederThis wonderful pacifier features a sturdy silicone nipple that is great for teething. But, this hollow nipple also features a series of holes that let you introduce solid foods to your baby. You just need to place fruit and veggies in the teat and let your child chew on it.

When it comes to teething, this is a life-saver. All you need to do is place frozen fruit or ice in the teat instead of fresh food. The cold will help numb your little one’s gums and help curb the pain of teething.

This pacifier is really easy to clean, and can go in the dishwasher on the top rack. It is also perfectly fine to boil this pacifier in order to sanitize it.

Importantly, it is BPA-free, lead-free, latex-free, and phthalate-free to ensure that it is safe for your baby.


  • Excellent for teething
  • Free from harmful substances
  • Easy to clean and sanitize


  • Not orthodontic


As you can tell from the above guide, not all pacifiers are the same. So, picking one at random might mean that your baby misses out on important developmental features.

But, with the above guide, you should have a good idea of which type of pacifier is right for your baby. And, you’ll be able to confidently choose the product that will give your baby the right start to his or her dental health.