Babies love it when mommy or daddy holds them close, as they can feel the gentle rhythm of their heartbeat and breathing, as well as the warm comfort of their chests. Nevertheless, being a parent is not easy, as holding a growing child all day can be tiresome for your shoulders and arms, unless you are Jason Statham or Ronda Rousey.

This is when baby carriers do the job for you. These baby carriers are fully-functioning, softly structured devices that will keep your little sweetheart close to you effortlessly.

With the passage of time, many different products appear on the market, and baby carriers are no exception. Therefore, it’s difficult to find the perfect item – one that not only provides quality and functionality, but also comes at an affordable price.

We have made a list of the best baby carriers for you, along with a buying guide to make it easy for you to compare the values of each carrier.

Best Baby Carriers Buying Guide 2019

Having basic knowledge before you make a purchase is essential, because it will enable you to buy the best product based on your requirements. Therefore, we are providing you with a brief buying guide describing some features you should take into account ahead of your purchase. 

What Should I Look For In A Baby Carrier When It Comes To Ergonomics?

When it comes to ergonomics, you should look for appropriately-designed back and hip construction. There are different aspects that you need to consider here. First of all, for a newborn baby, you have to make a C spinal alignment in the first couple of months.

It means that your baby should have their legs tucked up nicely, and your baby’s back should be in a curvature form, which is also known as fetal tuck posture. This posture helps to reduce the strain on the hips and spine of your baby and helps in easy digestion and boosting calmness.

When your baby is three or more months old, s/he will need support for the hamstrings and buttocks, which requires the frog leg position. At this stage, you don’t want your baby’s legs to be dangling out of the carrier. The frog leg position should be maintained until your child is at least 2-years-old.

How Can I Judge The Breathability And Comfort Of A Carrier That I Want To Purchase?

After ergonomics, comfort and breathability of a carrier are the next most important factor. When you assure that your baby is in the right position for carrying, the comfort level of your baby is crucial. You must make sure that your baby will stay happy in it, even if you need to take an extended journey.

A carrier must have all the padding in the right places, such as where sit the back, legs, arms, and bum. You also need to check whether any body part comes into contact with the fastener component or the adjustment.

Is Versatility Associated With Baby Carriers?

At one time, baby carriers were very specific, or should we say limited, when supporting different carrying positions. In the past, various carriers were designed for different positions separately, but those days are gone, now.

Currently, you don’t need to buy more than one baby carrier to support various positions required for the growing needs of your baby, from the infant to toddler stage.

Most of the carriers that you can find on the market are very versatile, enabling you to keep your baby in different positions as per requirements. The low-end baby carriers offer two positions, including rearward-facing and forward-facing.

positionsOn the high end, the carriers can provide up to six different positions, including backward fetal tuck, rearward legs out, forward toddler, a forward toddler with minor head support, a hip sling, as well as a back carrier, which is very similar to a hiking carrier.

The best baby carriers are even more versatile and can easily last for the first four years of your baby’s life, as it supports up to 40 pounds of weight. However, for more versatile features, you must spend more money.

What Safety or Reliability Features Should I Consider?

Safety and reliability are two of the most important aspects associated with baby carriers. You need to consider the stitching of the carrier along the vital seams, zippers, and buckles. The quality of these fasteners and zippers, along with the stitching, is critical.

Moreover, you must look at the quality of the fasteners, clips, loops, adjustment slides, the weight bearing component, and Velcro. All these elements must be durable due to its repeated use.

What Usability Functions Should I Check Before Buying a Baby Carrier?

Usability is crucial, as some carriers look and feel great and they are very durable, but when it comes to adjustment or moving them, they are a pain in the neck. Despite the fact that carriers have come a long way, many on the market are of poor quality regarding usage and functionality.

Top 8 Best Baby Carriers 2019

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Click for DetailCarrying PositionsWeight LimitProduct WeightCheck Price
Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier48 to 32 pounds1.3 pounds
BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original28 to 25 pounds1.2 pounds
Ergobaby Original Ergonomic Baby Carrier47 to 45 pounds1.5 pounds
Lillebaby All Seasons 6 in 1 Baby Carrier67 to 45 pounds2.5 pounds
Baby Tula Ergonomic Carrier215 to 45 pounds1.6 pounds
Ergobaby Original Bundle of Joy Baby Carrier37 to 45 pounds0.25 pounds
Bebamour Baby Carrier67 to 44 pounds1.6 pounds
Ergobaby Original Doll CarrierFor DollsFor Dolls12 ounces

Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier

The unique convertible seat of the Flip Advanced baby carrier is best suited for babies in their first days up until their toddler years. You can use the narrow seat positioning, along with the padded support, to easily hold small infants. You can also switch to a full position ergonomically as your child grows.

Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible CarrierFeatures

The Flip Advanced baby carrier from Infantino offers you four different positions and can hold infants weighing from 8 to 32 pounds. This 4-in-1 carrier has a narrow seat for newborns, and it also comes with an inward-facing seat for older babies.

Moreover, it comes with an outward-facing narrow seat with head support and a wide seat for back support for toddlers. The carrier also includes a 2-in-1 bib wonder cover for its protection. It is equipped with an adjustable seat with leg openings, along with a waist belt and straps for a customized fitting.

You can wash the carrier in the machine without any issues. The item weighs less than one and a half pounds and its dimensions are 10.2”x10.2 x4.3”. It is the best baby carrier that you can find on the market, because it offers excellent value for your money.

  • It is suited for infants that weigh between 8 and 32 pounds.
  • You get four different positions in one carrier for your baby.
  • The product is fully washable in the machine.
  • It includes a 2-in-1 bib wonder cover, along with an adjustable seat, belts, and straps to provide you and your baby with a customized fit.
  • The Velcro is only on one side, and the drool cover does not work on the inside.
  • The shoulder straps are not heavily padded.


BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original

This baby carrier from BabyBjorn is also made of import-quality cotton and provides with all the essentials for contact and closeness to assist you in bonding with your young one. You can work two different carrying positions for your baby, including baby-facing-out and facing-in.

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original


The Baby Carrier Original from BabyBjorn is made of import-quality cotton and comes with a simple solution for you to get close to your baby to show them affection and love. It provides two different positions to carry your baby.

The carrier is ideal for newborns, and it does not need an infant insert either. The company has designed the carrier after model consultations with pediatricians. It enables the carrier to give proper support to your baby’s head, spine, neck, and hips. It is not very big and is straight forward to handle.

The straps are nicely stitched in to keep your baby safe while you move around comfortably. The straps enable the carrier to fit your body securely, and they require very few adjustments. You can use your machine on the gentle cycle to wash it whenever you want. The dimensions of this carrier are 11.9”x10.4”x3.6”, and it weighs around one pound, so your shoulders and back won’t get tired.

  • It can conveniently carry babies that weigh between 8 and 25 pounds.
  • It comes with broad shoulder straps, and the back support and waist belt work together so that you can carry your baby for extended periods.
  • It provides two separate carrying positions for your baby.
  • The design and construction of the carrier are approved by pediatricians.
  • It is not an ideal product for toddlers.
  • The carrier is a little too warm on hot days.

Ergobaby Original Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Another carrier from Ergobaby, this award-winning multi-position baby carrier comes with an extra-large storage pocket and offers multiple positions in which to carry your baby. The beautifully designed product is very durable and is suitable for growing babies.

Ergobaby OriginalFeatures

You can use this multi-position baby carrier from Ergobaby in many ways. You can use it on the front of you, or you can use it on your back or hip as your baby grows, as it ranges from ages 4 to 48 months, with a weight range of 12 to 45 pounds.

You can also start using it at an earlier stage, with infants between 0 and 4 months old, weighing 7 to 12 pounds. You can buy the insert separately. It has improved enhanced padding in the waist belt and shoulder straps and can fit different users with different body sizes, ranging from petite to larger bodies.

The waist belts are adjustable from 26” to 52”, and the shoulder straps are adjustable from 28” to 47”.

  • It has a very thoughtful construction, with large zippers and pockets in which to put all the baby essentials.
  • It comes with easy breastfeeding feature.
  • The baby-hood is UPF 50+ for wind and sun protection.
  • It is made of 100% cotton and is fully washable in the machine.
  • Its dimensions are 15.8”x13.4”, and it weighs just one and a half pounds.
  • It is a bit too hot on warmer days.
  • Some people might find it bulky.

Lillebaby All Seasons 6 in 1 Baby Carrier

The All Seasons from Lillebaby offers six carrying positions and is ergonomic perfect for newborn babies. It does not require any inserts and has been voted the most comfortable baby carrier. The versatility is at its best here.

Lillebaby All Seasons 6 in 1


The All Seasons from Lillebaby is best suited for babies that weigh between 7 and 45 pounds. It offers six different carrying positions, including fetal, infant, and toddler positions, aligned for both inward- and outward-facing, as well as for back and hip carry.

Moreover, the carrier provides lumbar support, a hood, a headrest, dual adjustments, a zippered pocket, and generous padding to keep you and your baby at ease. It is also entirely machine-washable and works well during all seasons, so on warmer days, your baby won’t feel hot in it.

The carrier is equipped with a unique air panel to control your baby’s body temperature. It only weighs two and a half pounds, with dimensions of 10.2”x1”x7.1”.

  • It offers you six different baby carrying positions.
  • It is voted the most comforting baby carrier.
  • You can use this carrier in all seasons.
  • It comes with full padding options and is completely washable in the machine.
  • It offers excellent support and plenty of options.
  • Its mesh is scratchy.
  • Some may find the straps to be a bit difficult to adjust.

Baby Tula Ergonomic Carrier

The Ergonomic Carrier from Baby Tula can be used as either back carrier or front carrier. It ensures an ergonomic M-positioned seat support to take care of the development of your baby’s body. It is one of the best baby carriers due to its convenience and functionality.

Baby Tula Ergonomic Carrier Urbanista


The Ergonomic Carrier ensures multipurpose utility, and you can use it as either a front or back carrier. The construction of the carrier ensures support for the body of your baby, while maintaining the M-position.

It is useful for babies that weigh between 15 and 45 pounds. You can comfortably wash it in your machine at slow speed and dry. The baby carrier weighs slightly over one and a half pounds, and its dimensions are 10.4”x8.5”x4.8”.

The quality of the materials used in the making ensures a long-lasting product. It also comes at an excellent price and offers outstanding value for your money.

  • You can use it as either a front or back carrier.
  • It can hold babies that weigh between15 and 45 pounds.
  • It is effortless to handle, and you can wash it in your machine.
  • It maintains an ergonomic M-position to support the back and head of your baby.
  • Frequent use may affect its durability.
  • Your baby may feel hot in it on warm or humid days.

Ergobaby Original Bundle of Joy Baby Carrier

The Original Bundle of Joy baby carrier from Ergobaby comes with essential features to maintain the back, front, and hip carrying positions, as the weight of the baby is evenly distributed between your shoulders and hips.

Ergobaby Original Bundle of JoyFeatures

The Original Bundle of Joy Baby Carrier is machine-washable and comes with back, front, and hip carrying positions. Your baby will be ergonomically cradled in his/her natural sitting positions.

The carrier enables the weight of your baby to distribute evenly between your hips and shoulders, which will prevent you from getting tired, even after hours of using it.

It also incorporates a matching infant insert, so you won’t have to buy it separately, which differs for many other baby carriers.

If you are a new parent or expecting a child soon, then consider buying this carrier, because the Original Bundle of Joy is a complete package for you. It weighs precisely four ounces, and the dimensions are 3”x3”x0.2”.

You can use this carrier for infants that weigh between 7 and 45 pounds and for newborns that are less than seven pounds, in which case you can use the infant insert.

  • In addition to the carrier, you will get an infant insert.
  • Wearing this baby carrier will distribute the weight of the baby evenly between your hips and waist, so you won’t feel tired.
  • This infant carrier provides different carrying positions, including hip, back, and front.
  • Your baby will be cradled in a natural posture, which is essential for body growth.
  • It cuts off circulation in the baby’s thighs and legs.
  • The fabric is not ideal for summer.

Bebamour Baby Carrier

The New Style Designer Sling baby carrier is made of import-quality polyester. It is able to be used as a single hip seat, or the whole of it can be used. It is best suited for newborns to toddlers up to three years old.

Bebamour Baby Carrier


The New Style Designer Sling and Baby Carrier from Bebamour is a top-quality product made of 100% polyester and is ideal for newborns and babies up to 3 years old. The carrier can hold up between 7 and 44 pounds, and it offers six different carrying positions for you to choose from as per your need.

You can choose any one of these positions depending upon the growing needs of your baby. For any detailed guidance, you can go through the instruction manual that comes with the carrier.

It comes with adjustable shoulder and waist straps, which are padded. There is a head hood and two baby bibs which are also removable. It only weighs 1.6 pounds, and the dimensions are 11.8”x7.1”x9.8”.

  • It offers six different carrying positions to choose from depending on the growing needs of your baby.
  • It is equipped with a head hood and two bibs which are fully detachable.
  • The waist and shoulder straps are fully padded.
  • A foam piece wedge is inside the hip area, which you can use as a seat in the baby carrier.
  • It is too large for petite parents.
  • The seat is a bit uncomfortable for the baby.
A Gift for Kids

Ergobaby Original Doll Carrier

The Original Doll Carrier from Ergobaby is made of 100% genuine cotton canvas and comes with waist straps and padded shoulders. Due to the cotton canvas, you can conveniently wash it in your machine and dry it on the gentle cycle.

Ergobaby Original Doll Carrier


The Doll Carrier from Ergobaby is very simple in its design. The carrier provides a single position, and it is a good toy for your little kids.

The best part of this product is that it comes with appropriately-padded shoulder and waist straps that simulate a real carrier. You won’t find an adjustable seat, though the carrier does come with leg openings.

Ergobaby Original Doll Carrier You can wash the carrier in the machine without any problems on the gentle cycle. It is designed with eco-friendly materials and is an entirely lead-free item, so it is safe to use for your kid.


In this post, we have provided you with a list of questions in the buying guide regarding the various aspects that you should consider when buying a baby carrier. We have also presented you with a list of the best baby carriers, including their pros and cons to facilitate you further. So hopefully now you have all the information that you need to buy the best baby carrier.